Ralph Lauren is offering a complimentary gift, a posh looking jewelry box. Simply purchase any large spray from the Ralph Lauren Romance fragrance collection to receive this free gift. This jewelry box is a perfect complimentary gift for women because they have a lot of jewelry. It is perfect for them to store rings, necklaces or bracelets etc. This gift is only limited to one per customer, grab it at Macy’s while stock lasts!

Complimentary gift for women: Ralph Lauren Jewelry Box

Complimentary gift for women: Ralph Lauren Jewelry Box

Ralph Lauren is a U.S based company that sells apparels, fragrances and home furnishing to customers worldwide.

Why offer this complimentary gift ?

This posh looking jewelry box is a great complimentary gift especially for fashion brands like Ralph Lauren. Having an up class target market, its design and branding makes it a perfect marketing gift.

How can this be of help to your company?

The shape of this gift is squarish, allowing you ample space to market your brand. You can either brand your name on the exterior of the box to improve visibility, or brand it in the interior to avoid disrupting the overall look of the box. Either way, it will definitely help in terms of brand recall because every time your customers use the gift, they will be able to see your brand.

Jewelry is mainly used by women, making this a great complimentary gift for them. If you are planning to market your brand towards females, this could be a great marketing gift. Should you need any help with designing your very own custom jewelry box, feel free to contact us!

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