Prada is currently offering an exclusive complimentary gift at Nordstrom. Simply purchase a $82 Prada Luna Rossa fragrance to receive this stylish sailing bag.

The sailing bag comes in a gorgeous shade of white, which will be perfect against tanned skin after a day of sailing. It features a drawstring closure and an adjustable handle. This bag will be awesome for a day out in the sun, so do get your hands on it!

Complimentary Gift: Prada Sailing Bag

Complimentary Gift: Prada Sailing Bag

Prada is an Italian fashion label that specializes in luxury goods for men and women. It was founded in 1913 by Mario Prada in Italy and has grown to become a renowned brand in the global market.

Why offer sailing bags as a complimentary gift?

The sailing bag, also known as a dry bag, is a very popular item in the market these days. The dry bag is a type of bag that seals in a watertight manner. It is often used in outdoor activities like kayaking, rafting, canoeing and other extreme sports. The bag is perceived to have a high utility value and customers will be thrilled to receive it.

Brand your complimentary gift!

Like Prada, one should always brand their promotional gift. Prada has branded this sailing bag by using a contrasting color scheme of red and white.  The pop of color on the bag is sure to capture the attention of the user or passerby’s. When they look at the bag, their attention will be focused on the red strip of color that has the Prada brand name on it. This is an effective marketing technique, as it will help increase brand recognition and recall! When your customers use the bag, they will see your brand name and be reminded of your company.

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