It has become a common practice for any kind of perfume companies to offer giveaway. Armani and Sephora allied and came together to give free gifts to their clients.

Why are giveaway always a good idea?

Armani is offering giveaway at Sephora

Armani is offering giveaway at Sephora

This offer is currently under going in France. First you have to go the the Aufeminin website in order to download an invitation -this is this only way to obtain it. Once you have the invitation, hurry down to your closest Sephora outlet to claim your giveaway.

A nice draft made by Giorgio Armani himself; a sample of the new fragrance ‘Sì’ and a small collector mascara will be given for free. Great isn’t it?

Of course this offer is valid while stock last. So hurry down and get it before it runs out!


Why partnerships can be beneficial for giveaway events?

This event is part of the Armani marketing campaign but it doesn’t only involve them. It involves two others partners as well; Sephora and Aufeminin.

Such an approach is a win-win situation for each of them. will see its web traffic increase, while Sephora would see their store traffic increase. For customers, it will be hard to resist this giveaway. Armani will also develop its brand awareness especially for its new fragrance collection. This market is one of the most competitive; making it difficult to launch a new product. As usual, Marketing and Communication are key elements for success.

Few words in French

Sephora, le site et Armani proposent actuellement en France une offre commune. Pour ce faire, il faut premièrement se rendre sur le site d’Aufeminin pour télécharger son coupon. Par la suite, il suffit de ce rendre dans n’importe quelle boutique Sephora pour recevoir ces cadeaux.

Cette opération offre des bénéfices aux trois acteurs. En effet, le site va surement voir son trafic augmenté, tout comme les boutiques Sephora participantes. Les client seront également plus enclin aux achats d’impulsion. Armani augmentera ces ventes et gagnera en visibilité face à la concurrence notamment lors de la sortie d’un nouveau produit; il n’est pas évident de ce faire une place sur ce marché si concurrentiel.