Promotional Idea - Sephora Plastic Bath

Sephora Poitiers in France are carrying an excellent promotional gift which really caught my attention. The French beauty, skin care and makeup specialist decided to promote its product with this unique on-pack promotion : a mini plastic bath with a selection of shampoo, shower gel and body cream in it.

What we really like about this promotional product is the use of a mini-bath as a stand. With a logo printed on, it could be a very good way of advertising for any company which sells goods or services related to bathrooms. For example, a spa or an hotel could put this kind of gift in their customers bathroom with hand towels on it, we can even imagine that a plumber could offer such a bath for Christmas as a chocolate box!

If you ave a look to the picture below, you will notice that this type of promotional items can be customized in terms of size, material and colour.   Another important point is that this promotional Packaging can be reused by customer for long term cosmetics storage & display.

Promotional Idea - Sephora Mini Metal Bath

Do not hesitate to comment on this amazing promotional item and the way it could be used. If you want to know more about beauty and makeup promotion, have a look to these related blogs :