Hurry down to Macy’s to get this complimentary gift! All you have to do is purchase 2 or more items from the Ralph Lauren Polo Red Fragrance Collection and you get to walk away with this complimentary gift box. Ralph Lauren is a U.S based company that sells apparels, fragrances and home furnishing to customers worldwide. It has made a name for itself over the years and is one of the more renowned brands in international fashion.

Complimentary Gift: Gift box

Complimentary Gift: Gift box

The complimentary gift is a gift box, something that is very practical. It can be used to store your jewelry, accessories, or even use it to hold gifts for your friends. The bright red finish gives off the impression that this item is fashionable and is for individuals who dare to make a statement. This complimentary gift is perfect if you are targeting a high end market. This complimentary gift can also be offered in various color and design combinations, allowing you to customize your product to suit your needs.

Boost brand awareness with this complimentary gift!

By offering a high value complimentary gift to customers after their purchase, it makes the purchase even more attractive. The large amount of surface area available on this complimentary gift is great! It allows more space for you to brand your message or logo. This increases the visibility of your logo and its awareness, meaning more sales for your company.

If you want to take advantage of the large surface area for branding, you should also select the contrasting colors for a better effect. The use of bright colors or unique logos will surely attract the attention of onlookers.

This complimentary gift can also be made up on recyclable materials to increase the corporate social responsibility of the company. This will reflect well on your company as you will be showing the public that your company cares for the environment.