Havaianas Christmas Offer – Promotional Toiletry Bag

Havaianas takes their Christmas offer to a new level with this Trendy Promotional Toiletry Bag. Purchasing any Havaianas merchandise for at least PHP2,000 entitles the buyer a new Havaianas bag for free! This Havaianas promo gift campaign was spotted in a shopping store in the Philippines.

What’s really good about this GWP Toiletry bag is that it’s fully customised to match the customers exquisite. It comes in different vibrant colours that makes other bags basic. Also, this bag is impeccably reliable; secures your necessities.

Unlike other promotional products, these promotional toiletry bags are versatile and useful. Hence, they make great premium corporate gifts and gift with purchase. That’s why companies love to use them for promotions.

Havaianas Christmas Offer - Promotional Toiletry Bag
Havaianas Christmas Offer – Promotional Toiletry Bag

Why do we love Havaianas’ Promotional toiletry bag?

Branding Opportunity

  •  The toiletry bag is perfect for school, office, and leisure. Therefore, promoting your brand with this toiletry bag increases your brand visibility. As with Havaianas, they meticulously etched their brand name on the bag. For your campaign, we highly suggest printing the brand name, logo, or other brand visuals on the front part of your own custom promotional bag.


  • The colours of the promotional toiletry bag will look great to any casual outfit.
  • It looks classy yet trendy – perfect for students and professionals alike. The simple design gives off a modern and clean feel. Customers will definitely love these bags


  •  This may be one of the strongest point in this campaign. The marketing gift comes in different colours. This encourages the customer to collect all shades! Collectible promos are an effective way to get customers to buy more. This is because it creates urgency that pushes them to make a purchase before the offer expires. If you want to check out other collectible items, check out the link below:

Convenient Advertising Tool

  • When customers carry this toiletry bag with them, they directly promote the brand to everyone they meet- be it on streets, at work, or within shopping malls. Its functionality and flexibility could eventually spark meaningful conversation, thereby spreading the word about the brand. Moreover, it is much more cost-effective than traditional TV ads.

Overall, this Havaianas pouch Christmas offer is so timely as a lot of people are in the mood to shop this time of year. This also leaves a good impression to customers.

If this promotional pouch bag interests you, and would like to create your own custom-designed toiletry bag for your next project please don’t hesitate to contact our company. We have a dedicated team of experts in marketing and manufacturing. They’re always ready to answer all your queries.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Do Promotional Items really work?

The majority of people who receive promotional products are more likely to have a favorable impression of the company that gave it to them. Thus, it helps boost brand awareness of the company.

What is a good promotional item for my brand?

It depends on your industry but always keep in mind to offer something useful for your consumers. A gift that will make your consumers happy and allows you to create with them a deep relationship. You can choose to offer a complimentary gift.

Why are customers attracted to toiletry bags?

Travelling is considered essential among many, even if it is a short road trip. Consumers will likely get their hands on their own toiletry bags to organize and store personal items as a necessity.

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