Looking for a premium gift idea for the upcoming festive winter promotions? We think that these custom satin scarves are the answer you are looking for!

Custom Satin Scarves

Custom Satin Scarves

These scarves are made of cotton twill fabric and they come in various designs. Like silk, they have a very glossy surface which makes it seem high-end and will definitely capture the attention of people. They make very stylish fashion accessories and people love to wear them, especially those living in the colder region.

Why not roll them out in your marketing campaign?

Product Details:

  • Material: Cotton Twill Fabric
  • Size: 30 x 170 cm
  • Weight: 0.05kg
  • Custom Design
  • Comes in Gift Box Packaging

How will these Custom Satin Scarves grow my business?


The winter season is coming soon and satin or silk scarves are a common accessory worn. Following the fashion trend nowadays, women sometimes wear these scarves on their heads like a bandana. During this pandemic period, the scarves can also be worn to cover face masks. Therefore, they make great winter promotional gifts!

Suitable for All

Custom Satin Scarves

Custom Satin Scarves

These custom satin scarves appeal to almost everyone. Both men and women wear them often as a fashion accessory or to keep themselves warm during the cold season.

They are definitely great to give as gifts for companies in the drinks or beauty and cosmetics industries.

Wife Appreciation Day

Wife Appreciation Day is on 20 September! These scarfs indeed make great gift ideas. Furthermore, they are perfect as Employee Appreciation Gifts, Premium Giveaways, Seasonal Giveaways, and Redemption Gifts.

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The design of the satin scarves is highly customisable. There is a broad range of designs to choose from that fits your brand and suit the taste of your target market.  You can go for something floral and vibrant, like these below:

Custom Satin Scarves

Custom Satin Scarves

Or you can go for prints like houndsteeth, checkers or stripes, etc, that appeals more to men.

Custom Satin Scarves

Custom Satin Scarves

Furthermore, you can also brand them with your logo, to help boost your brand awareness.

Boost Perceived Value

These custom satin scarves appear to look like silk as it has a very glossy finish. It gives the impression to customers that it is very high-end and expensive.

In addition, these scarves can come in a custom bespoke packaging box, which can be branded with your company logo. This can help boost the quality of the scarf.

Customer Loyalty

Offering premium giveaways can help build your brand image and strengthen the relationship between you and your customer. You will impress them by offering such high-end gifts. In return, they will have a positive impression of your brand.

Custom Satin Scarves

Custom Satin Scarves

Furthermore, they will feel grateful to receive such gifts and feel valued by your company. They will continue to be loyal to your brand and choose your products and services for a long time.

They are great to offer as branded “We Miss You” gifts to welcome back your customers after the lockdown.

Employee Appreciation Gifts

Why not offer them as appreciation gifts to your employees for the upcoming winter? Offering gifts to your employees can help boost morale. Your employees will feel very grateful and appreciated, they will be motivated at work and strive to achieve more in the company. Hence, boosting overall productivity.

Premium Gift with Purchase or Contest Giveaways

Offering these high-end gifts as gifts and purchase or contest giveaways will entice more shoppers to purchase your products. This will create impulse purchases as they would want to receive this expensive gift. Thus, this is an effective way for your brand to boost sales.


The scarves are light-weight and the gift box is thin and compact. Hence, they can also be mailed out to your customers. We might see a rise in popularity for promotional mailers, given the social gathering constraints, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.



Offering Custom Satin Scarves or Silk Scarves as luxury free gifts can help build your brand image and boost your brand awareness. Furthermore, it can help foster your company’s relationships with your subordinates and clients.

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How ODM can help

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