Try planning your promotional campaigns with at least 5 months advance planning.  ODM are now focussing on October Promotional Products!  We have noted a few special dates around the world that might require a gift to commemorate the occasion.

Promotional ideas for October

For Spain’s National Day, we suggest a pin in the shape of the National flag, a bull or even a combination of these 2 objects! Pins are actually a relatively cheap form of promotional gift but depending on the size, it can be easily misplaced. On the other hand, you might want to consider a ham cutting stand to slice your favourite Serrano ham for friends and family. This tool can be personalized with acid etching on it.

As for Turkey’s Republic day, why not customize your own coffee set to enjoy a cup of the home brewed beverage. You can choose to have your country’s flag or date labeled on it. Alternatively, since Turkey is known for their Doner kebabs, a great gift would be a kebab skewer set. The top of the skewer could be easily customized by having it twisted into a different shape or attaching an epoxy logo on it.

With China’s National day coming up too, there will sure to be a Diabolo, or Chinese yoyo, performance put up by jugglers. Do you know you can design your own diabolo by heat transferring your own logo or patterns on the body of it? Another popular Chinese cultural item that you can gift would be a pair of chopsticks as you can decide the type of material it should be made of, pattern and even the length of it.

If you are still confused as to which gifts you would love to have to celebrate a special occasion, you can check out our Promo Gifts blog for more ideas or the links below, for related blogs!