Custom water bottles with logo have been a great tool for many brand promotions. But the best is yet to come. So, here is an exclusive sneak peek at the next level custom water bottles with a logo.

custom water bottles with logo

custom water bottles with logo

Smart LED Temperature Display Water Bottle

You read it right- a smart LED temperature display water bottle. Promotional water bottles step up to another degree to impress customers. With the fast-growing technology that we have, innovation continues. Cultivate your branding image and strengthen your reputation. Now, any receiver of this custom water bottle can’t say “no” to your brand. This is perfect for beverage marketing, corporate gift idea, marathon, or event giveaway, gifts with a purchase promo, and a whole lot more. What makes it so?

  • It is powered by smart technology. This water bottle has a sensor that enables it to display the temperature of the drinks inside.
  • These custom water bottles with logo are made from high-quality stainless steel which makes them sustainable.
  • Its sleek design makes it look like a premium item. The smart-looking style of this drinking bottle makes it wantable by customers.
  • Above all, it can carry up to 500ml of any drink which is healthily suitable for its users.
custom water bottles with logo

custom water bottles with logo


How do You Advertise with LED Custom Water Bottles with Logo?

If there is one promotional product idea that people will want to use every day, it will be water bottles. As an everyday item, it guarantees improved daily exposure. But since this one is different from the previous tumblers we have featured before, here are some ways you can make the most out of it for your brand.


1. Expose your brand.

Build and expose your brand. Brand awareness is giving your customers knowledge of your core values. What is your business best known for? Is it the quality or the service you provide?

The good thing about this branded water bottle is that you can customize the design and add your branding logo or details to your preference. Place your logo and let this bottle speak up for your brand.

If you are a company, let your staff feel that their health is also your top priority. Are you in the beverage industry? Then, impress your customers and prove to them that you can provide beyond your limits. If you are holding an event or a marathon, give your participants the best water bottle giveaway. This water bottle with logo can inevitably surefire your business’ image.

2. Present the benefits to the users.

State the obvious. No matter how cliche, it matters in marketing. Let your receivers know the benefits of having this smart LED temperature display water bottle. Even if the points are clear, it is vital to let them understand the value you are about to bring. Presenting the perks is actually saying how lucky they are to have this through your brand.


3. Add to premium merchandise.

With any promotion that you plan to add this customized water bottle, it is advisable to add to premium merchandise. Increase the value of that premium item by adding another relevant one. If you’re drinking business celebrates an occasion or anniversary, sell it as a gift with a purchase. It can double the worth of your products.

custom water bottles with logo

custom water bottles with logo


Bringing it All Together

It’s time to impress the market! Quench their thirst for a high-end and truly useful water bottle with logo. If your marketing budget permits, this can be a great marketing idea for your company.

It is true that technology can improve the usability and aesthetics of a product. The LED temperature display is a critical selling point, so no more guessing how hot or cold your drink would be. The style and technology make this a fantastic gift for your WFH staff and high-end customers.

Whether you offered this product as a promotional gift or a retail item, always remember that branding is more than just a logo. It is the experience and feeling you are providing to your target market.


ODM’s Role

Would these LED custom water bottles with logo benefit your brand? How would you like to customize them and get your brand out there with such a practical and high-quality product? Send us an email and mention product code ODM-3596 for more product details.

How can we help? Since 2003, ODM has been working with global brands to grow their business with effective and high-quality promotional products.

With the help of our in-house creative team, Mindsparkz, let’s build the brand you dream!


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