There may be times when you feel that you’re going to be late for school or work. When this happens, you become frantic and rush so you can be ready. You grab your keys, a cup of coffee, purse, and custom pill box water bottle. Yet, once you get to your office or school, you may realize that you could not bring your medicines. Whenever this usually happens, we recommend getting our custom pill box water bottle!

Custom Pill Box Water Bottle

Custom Pill Box Water Bottle

Get a custom pill box water bottle of your own. Having it can remove any issues. You don’t need to put your daily pill box organizer and custom pill box water bottle together. That is because you already have everything in one convenient and cool product.

Custom Pill Box Water Bottle

Custom Pill Box Water Bottle


Our Water Bottle with Pill Organizer can hold around 20 ounces of juice, water, or your favorite drink. The custom pill box water bottle also includes a seven-day pill organizer that you can slide in and out of the bottle. Every compartment is capable of holding around three vitamins or pills.

Custom Pill Box Water Bottle

Custom Pill Box Water Bottle


Custom Pill Box Water Bottle

Custom Pill Box Water Bottle

An Overview of the Custom Pill Box Water Bottle:

  • It comes in a sleek water bottle with a removable and built-in pill organizer.
  • Being made with thick Tritan BPA-free plastic, you wouldn’t have to worry about the bottle leaving condensation or getting cracked.
  • Capable of holding approximately 20 ounces of your favorite drink, water, or juice
  • It also features four small anchors that can help keep it in place despite being on its side.
  • The custom pill box water bottle has a lid that you can also use as a cup.
  • Available in five colors:
    • Red
    • Teal
    • Yellow
    • Blue
    • White

The custom pill box water bottle comes with an organizer that features large letters representing the day in every compartment. It even has Braille, which can be great for visually impaired people.

Custom Pill Box Water Bottle

Custom Pill Box Water Bottle


A Custom Pill Box Water Bottle with Pill Dispenser: 

Custom Pill Box Water Bottle

Custom Pill Box Water Bottle


People who have a daily regimen of pills would always need to have a custom pill box water bottle and a stocked dispenser of pills. However, things can become complicated whenever you travel, especially to places where it can be vital to have bottled water. You may assume that you can buy a bottle along the way, but you may only get it out of luck. Because of this, it would definitely be best to place the loaded pill dispenser and bottle of water together so you can be ready to go.

Check out our all-in-one custom pill box water bottle. It is a 20-ounce water bottle made of BPA-free plastic with a seven compartment pill dispenser. The custom water bottle also has a screw-on top that anyone can use as a portable cup. Built into the custom pill box water bottle are tiny plastic pegs that can keep it from rolling around as you refill the compartments or remove the pills.

Every compartment has a raised initial and a braille equivalent embossed on it to represent every day of the week. Always make sure to prepare by having the bottle filled with water and the pill dispenser loaded before you head out. In case you feel worried that the pills could get wet, you can have the dispenser slide out so you can carry it separately.

Our custom pill box water bottle is transparent and comes in five colors (red, white, yellow, dark blue, and light blue). Since the pill compartments are small, it can be difficult to have them loaded with many big capsules. It also doesn’t include a provision for pills that you need to take during various times of the day. Yet, you may carry two bottles as long as you have a labeling system. You can add straps or pouches to carry your water bottle so you can comfortably carry it.


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Because of the sustainability of reusable water bottles, it can help people save money and minimize plastic water bottles. Instead of having regular customized water bottles, many businesses are now using the multifunctional bottle as a promotional product as it has a better-perceived value that is highly appealing to any customer.

When it comes to marketing, kids can be the new segment as it can be highly effective to get pester power from children. Having this can create golden opportunities that can contribute to the success of a lot of companies because it creates a mass appeal.

Ovaltine offered the custom printed water bottle as their on-pack gift. It is simply practical and relevant as it creates an urgent call to action for customers at the point of sale.

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water bottle for pills, pill box


Chinese: 多彩的水罐 (Duōcǎi de shuǐ guàn)

Vietnamese: Bình đầy màu sắc

Spanish: Pastillero Botella de agua

French: Cruches colorées

Italian: Brocche colorate

German: Pillendose Wasserflasche