Custom Sippy Cups: How Kids Promotional Items Create Pester Power

Kids promotional items are constantly on the rise and you may be asking why? Well, promotional products have been used by advertisers and marketers for the longest time to get noticed by their prospective customers. However, as time went by, more marketers realised that kids could be the new segment for marketing, and pester power from children can be extremely effective. Pester power has created golden opportunities that have contributed to the success of many businesses as this has allowed for the creation of mass appeal.

Today, we would like to share a kids promotional item that we think is pretty cool! This is a BPA Free Silicone & Stainless Steel Sippy Cup. It is an interesting cup that is considerately designed for young children. As infants transition to toddlers, parents find ways to encourage their children to drink from cups instead of milk bottles. In addition, it is used as a way to encourage toddlers to drink more water.

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kids promotional items

This Sippy cup has many different features that we love!

Firstly, it comes in many different colors. Orange, Yellow, Blue, Green, and Red. We can also adapt your brand colors to suit the aesthetic preferences of your clients.

Secondly, it is sustainable. These cups are reusable as they are made of stainless steel and silicone. These are materials that are extremely durable and unbreakable. Furthermore, you would not have to worry about choking hazards with these products. Keep the children safe with products like these!

kids promotional items

Unlike normal cups, Sippy cups are made with children in mind. First and foremost, it is leak proof. With toddlers who are starting to use cups on their own, they may cause havoc to parents who have to clean up after them. Hence, these leak-proof covers decrease the mess for parents. Next, it has a vent hole. This constant flow of air into the container allows the liquid to flow smoothly without bubbling or splashing which also reduces the hassle of cleaning up. Last but not least, it has a tiny mouthpiece that allows children to easily drink from it while removing or minimising spillage.

kids promotional items

Parents can easily or conveniently remove the lid by pinching the silicone lid.

kids promotional items

In addition, these cups are really small and catered to young children. With a height of 14.5, the cup can be handheld by younger children. This allows children to use the cups more efficiently.

kids promotional items

How do I Choose the Best Kids Promotional Items to Use for My Marketing Campaign?

As a child, many of us have dreamed of being the popular kid in school. In order to do so, we would have asked for the latest and the coolest products we could find. Hence, we often went to the extent of pestering our parents to get the coolest gadget that everyone in school was talking about. Thus, it is important to choose merchandise for kids that appeal to the children. This can include using branded merchandise from their favourite TV shows or riding on the waves of popularity such as holographic merchandise.

Check out this Elsa promotional product from the popular movie Frozen that helped to boost in-flight sales and this baby shark custom hand towel from the popular and catchy baby shark song.

Furthermore, you could produce fun and engaging in-pack gifts or even wholesome promotional items for children loved by both kids and parents! Some examples would include this promotional custom colouring bag and DIY piggy banks for kids.

How can ODM Group help?

Would love to use custom sippy cups or other kids promotional products for pester power? If so, then contact us right away! Reference product code ODM-3205 when contacting our team. We can help with logo design and product customization. ODM is a one-stop-shop for all things promotional. We specialize in product sourcing as well as designing promotional items for the global market. Our projects include high-end marketing giftsPOS displaysbespoke packaging, and more!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What is BPA and is it harmful?

BPA refers to bisphenol A. It is an industrial chemical that has been used to make some types of plastics and resins. Some research has shown that exposure to BPA could cause potential health effects on the brain, prostate gland of foetuses, infants and children. and could potentially affect children’s behaviour.

What are some other children's promotional items I can consider?

Water bottles, colouring books, reusable lunch boxes and promotional backpacks could be great promotional items that one can consider.

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