7 Wholesome Promotional Items for Children that Kids & Parents will Love

Making kid-friendly promotional products could be an effective way to advertise your brand. Why? Because kids are easy to please and they love anything that is beautiful in their eyes. However, promotional items for children should be fun, educational, wholesome, and of course, safe.

Ahead, we round up some brilliant promotional gift ideas for kids that you should definitely offer your customers.


7 Fun, Educational, and Wholesome Promotional Items for Children

1. Wooden Spelling Building Blocks

Sensory play is crucial for toddlers. This is why educational toys are advisable for children. These wooden building blocks are great for toddlers who are starting to learn the alphabet. Each block is lightweight and big enough for their small hands.

Promotional Items for Children

Promotional Items for Children – Wooden Blocks


Each phase has a letter and an illustration of an object. For instance, “A” for “apple”, “B” for “bee”, and so on. The surface is smooth so parents can rest assured that their little ones will not get hurt playing with this toy.

Promotional Items for Children

Promotional Items for Children – Spelling Blocks


This wooden block set is not only fun to play with, but it is also educational. This is great for when you want your kids to learn the alphabet at an early age. Do you think this product idea would be a brilliant way to market to kids? If so, contact our team and reference product code ODM-3260.

Promotional Items for Children

Promotional Items for Children – Building Blocks


2. Wooden Baby Teethers

Babies feel discomfort when their teeth start coming in. But they are quick to pick up and chew just about anything that is lying on the floor to relieve the pain. This is very dangerous for kids. They could end up getting injured if they chew on sharp objects. As such, it is important to have a teether handy. Teethers could be made from silicone, plastic, and wood.

Promotional Items for Children

Promotional Items for Children – Animal Shaped Teether

Although many companies claim that their teethers are BPA-free, you may want to completely ditch the plastic ones and opt for a safer option: wood.

Promotional Items for Children

Promotional Items for Children – Wooden Teethers

Why do we recommend these wooden teethers? The smooth and efficient design makes it easy for babies to hold it. They also come in fun shapes. Most importantly, they can be personalized with names. But if you are thinking of offering them as marketing gifts, you may want to print your brand name instead.

Promotional Items for Children

Promotional Items for Children – Wooden Teethers with Logo

They make ideal on-pack promos with milk or cereal products. Would you like to offer them to your customers? Contact us today to learn how we can help you customize them to match your branding needs. ODM-3288 is the product code.


3. Children’s Onesies

Kids love creative plays. In their world, they can be anyone or anything. Help make their dream come true with cute pajama onesies. They can be a tiger, a popular movie character, a plant, or even a hero even for a day. Made from soft, breathable, and comfortable materials, onesies are perfect for school plays and lounging at home.

Promotional Items for Children

Promotional Items for Children – Pyjama Onesies

If you like this product, then contact our team with product code ODM-1550.


4. Kids Backpacks

As children, you have probably run around the school with cute backpacks to show off to other kids. Custom designed bags with funny designs are very appealing to kids and parents. Done right, they could even look like bags from their favorite brand rather than a promotional item.

Promotional Items for Children

Promotional Items for Children – Custom Designed Bags

Why offer a promotional backpack? Bags are easily one of the best promotional items to target kids and parents. They can surprise you with just how much brand impression you can gain from them. Thanks to their unique shapes, they can be a great conversation starter.

Do you see your brand being advertised on these bags, then contact our team right away. Reference product code ODM-2338 to get a quote.


5. Mittens

‘Tis the season for cold and flu. Woven mittens will keep kids warm and comfy while they play. What makes them ideal promotional items for children? They are soft, warm, and relatively inexpensive- a great way to get high ROI for a low cost. To get the most out of your marketing budget, you may order them in bulk to reduce the cost of manufacture. If you are not sure if you can meet the MOQ, check out our tips on lowering the MOQ in China.

Promotional Items for Children

Promotional Items for Children – Kids’ Mittens

Are you wondering how you can have high-quality mittens for your winter promotions? Then, do not hesitate to contact our team today. ODM-3043 is the product code.


6. Foldable Chairs

Ideal for picnics, school nurseries, and home, children will definitely love these foldable chairs. As they are foldable, they can be easily kept in the back of the car or under the bed. They are also not heavy, which makes them really safe to use.

Promotional Items for Children

Promotional Items for Children – Foldable Chairs

How do you advertise with these foldable chairs? There is a wide imprint area in which you can print your logos, brand name, and other brand visuals. Companies can offer them as retail merchandise or as a purchase with purchase promotion gift.

Do you like this product for your next promotional campaign? Send us an email and reference product code ODM-1611. Our product designers will help you with customizing the chairs to represent your company.


7. Inflatable Furry Plushies

These are no ordinary ball toys. These inflatable plushies are so cute, they will steal your heart away. Companies can use their own mascots as the main design to strengthen their brand message. Kids will surely play with it or even display it in their room, thereby increasing brand interaction every day. For these inflatable fuzzy plushies, contact us with product code ODM-2343.

Promotional Items for Children

Promotional Items for Children – Inflatable Furry Plush Toys


Did You Like these Promotional Items for Kids?

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