Are you looking for ways to improve your alcohol sales? Or are you someone who runs a chain of bars or pubs and is wondering how you can better promote your brand? We know how frustrating it can be to think of creative new marketing ideas. Hence, in this blog, from wine puzzle locks to displays to bar drinking games, we have 5 different products to take your alcohol marketing to the next level.

1. Steel Wine Bottle Puzzle

A steel bottle lock on the wine, this product acts as both a standing wine display and a fun puzzle to be solved before being able to enjoy the wine. The intricate design shows off the wine bottle in elegance, and is practical promotional merchandise for your brand! Perfect as a gift with purchase, your customers will surely be intrigued by this unique product and will not be able resist the chance to bring it home!

The product code is ODM-3233.

2. Wooden Wine Bottle Puzzle

Another different bottle lock we have is the wooden wine bottle lock for the vintage lovers. The wood material pairs wonderfully with the aesthetic of a musky wine, and will certainly blend in with a wooden display shelf. In addition, the large pieces makes this lock a lovely puzzle to solve with a partner or the extended family during the holidays for the adults to have a good time popping it open. It is a wonderful promotional Christmas gift idea to include in your holiday promotions.

The product code is ODM-3232.

3. Olive Wood Luxury Wine Bottle Holder

If you’re not a fan of the puzzle lock displays, fret not! Here we have a classy luxurious wine display stand made out of 100% Olive wood. Handmade with care using high-grade materials, this product is sure to be an attractive promotional wine product that your customers will love. Furthermore, you can brand this custom wine bottle holder with your logo and the entire production process is also eco-friendly! Now that’s something that will definitely spread brand awareness.

The product code is ODM-3287.

4. Party Drinking Game: Mini Ship Wrecked!

Does this game look familiar in any way? That’s right! This shot glass drinking game is a modified take on the classic childhood game Battleship! Compact and fun, this game is the perfect addition to your bar or pub as a drinking game customers can enjoy in your establishment. The rules are printed on the game itself, so even people who are playing this for the first time can easily learn. We can guarantee that they have not encountered such a table game in other nightlife establishments before. With such a distinctive feature, word of mouth will surely spread and it is a great marketing point for your brand!

Not only that, this is a great promotional product too! Your customers will love to bring this home to play with their family and friends!

The product code is ODM-3234.

5. Party Drinking Game: Hammer Hit Bar Set

Adapted from the famous High Striker carnival game, this Hammer Hit Bar Set is a fun group party game for a night of drinks. Using the metal hammer provided, striking the lever at the bottom will cause the chaser to jump up, reaching different levels of the unit. With its own drinking game twist, the various levels that chaser hits have its own consequences. From the innocent “Tell a Joke” and “Chicken Dance”, to the intense “Take a Shot” and “Bottom-ups”, this is a game that can hype up and keep its players engaged. It is absolutely a product that can complete your alcohol marketing needs!

The product code is ODM-3235.

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