Darts first appearing a few centuries ago has since then became a game that has gained popularity in many countries around the world. Nowadays there are over 50 varieties of this kind of entertainment, but you may be surprised by our drink industry promo idea.

Drink Industry Promo - Mini Darts Game Shot Set

Drink Industry Promo – Mini Darts Game Shot Set

As like the original version of the game, darts – is a sports game. Players have to throw darts at a special circular target located at a certain distance from them. With this drinks game the target is divided into sectors, which are of different value. And depending what target you strike will depends on what shot you have to drink. This is a great promotional idea for a party or birthday celebration

Why we advise you to use this drink industry promo for your marketing campaign?

  • Raise brand awareness. Customers will take your product off the shelf without even thinking about products price, seeing that they can take a mini darts game shot set as a promotional gift with purchase. Everyone will estimate your idea how to make parties funnier. Giving this item as gift with purchase you could bring benefit by increasing the cost of your product because of competitive advantage.
  • Customer retention. It is important not only attract but retain customers. You could increase loyalty of customers by providing them more than only good quality of product or cheap compare with other brands production. Participating some promotional campaign customers understand that your company is really good and they ready to waste their money with you again.

This is a quite funny and unusual promotional gift.  If you are interested this product then contact us today and quote ODM-1226. ODM has years of experience in designing and manufacturing inspirational ideas for your brand!

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