Unpacking the Benefits of Promotional Bag with Logo: Milo Case Study

Milo caught our attention while we were out shopping at a supermarket in Vietnam. The popular chocolate drink is offering a FREE promotional bag with logo with every purchase of 1 carton of Milo 180ml or 1 carton of Milo less sugar 180ml.

Promotional Bag with Logo

Promotional Bag with Logo

We love how Milo always comes up with promotional ideas that reflect their company vision. Last time, they successfully get through the younger market with their on-pack promotions for kids. Well-loved by kids and parents alike, the classic custom drinking tumbler proved to be a hit among shoppers.

This is not the first time Milo has given away a premium bag as part of their marketing strategy. The company known for its energy-giving chocolate drink, have previously given away drawstring bags, perfect for sports and outdoor events.

This time, Milo is making a statement with backpack with custom logo. Practicality, affordability, location, and merchandising strategy were crucial elements in the success of Milo’s promotion in Vietnam.


Milo Promotional Bag with Logo: Why It Works?

Worth the Money

As a gift with purchase, the promotional bag gives customers more value for money. So, instead of going for the smaller pack, customers might consider purchasing bigger items and be more willing to spend a bit more.


A Useful Gift that Can Be Used Over And Over Again

Bags are easily one of the most effective promotional gifts you can offer customers. They are practical and can be used for many months or years. This is why Milo’s gift with purchase bag attracts customers. It appeals to the younger market, the school children, and of course, parents who are on a budget.

Kids can use this for school and sports events because it is large enough to carry books, spare clothes, and shoes. With a useful gift that can be used over and over again, Milo could certainly gain immense exposure beyond retail floors.

Backpacks are also great when it comes to improving your visibility. Since they are worn at the back, the logo is displayed right in front of potential customers’ line of sight.


In-Store Display is Well-Curated

As you can see, the shelf is filled with different Milo products, with the GWP bag on the topmost shelf. It is arranged in a way that will highlight the giveaway item. Then cartons of Milo were neatly arranged on the shelf, giving customers more options to choose from.

Promotional Bag with Logo

Promotional Bag with Logo


Shelf Wobbler Makes Makes It Easier to Understand the Mechanics

To promote their gift with purchase, Milo used shelf advertising tools such as shelf wobblers. The backpack shaped wobblers contain the mechanics on how to obtain their gift. How does a wobbler help in Milo’s campaign?

Promotional Bag with Logo

Promotional Bag with Logo

Wobbler offers high pay off for a low cost. They mainly consist of full-color print cardboard with your marketing message and a plastic strip in which to attach the tiny poster, which leads us to the next point. It is a fantastic temporary POP display to supplement their short promo runs. Furthermore, the wobbler looks as if waving at customers from a distance, calling the attention of potential buyers.


Upsells Products

As you can see, there are a variety of Milo products on this long retail shelf. Placing the gift next to the products, make it seem like the freebie is easily obtainable. This effectively pushes other Milo variants as well. So, with a free item on display, it can make your product really appealing to shoppers even if they do not intend to buy initially.


Positive Message

We also love that Milo is spreading a positive message through their promotional bag with logo. The phrase “tự tin” means “Confident” in English.


Our Key Takeaways

Child-friendly promotional products are a great way to advertise because kids want anything that looks beautiful. As Milo demonstrated, promo bags appeal to different market segments- kids, parents, sports enthusiasts, educators, and many more. On top of that, keeping their in-store marketing display simple helped them to

With a practical gift with purchase, shoppers are convinced that what Milo is offering is worth every penny spent.


How Can ODM Help with Your Promotions?

With years of experience in the promotional product industry, we can help with all your promotional needs. Are you looking for unique and exceptional promotional products? Do you need help with brand packaging design? How about POS display units? Our team of experienced designers and merchandisers is here to help you out.

We are a buying office in China that sources, designs, and manufactures promotional items for the global market. So, let us know in what way we can help you grow your business!


After more Milo case studies? Below, we have rounded up some interesting product ideas from Milo and other original and cool promotional bag ideas to inspire you.


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