Promotional POS displays are a great way of advertising your brand and in-store promotions.  You have to be careful to locate them intelligently so that they attract attention to your brand and any ongoing promotions.

Indeed, on our way back from the recent Canton Trade Fair, we noticed a case which highlights the importance of POS promotional products. At Guangzhou train station we came across a promotion for the high end Chabot Armagnac drinks.

nicely exhibited Chabot bottles Display

Though their bottles were nicely exposed at eye level, on a wooden cabinet with backlighting, the promotional gift bags were placed on the floor.  They were not instantly visible and connected to the Chabot brand.

These bags attracted little extra attention to the brand as an advertising or promo campaign is supposed to do.

ODM are all for promotional merchandise, but when it is badly exhibited this can have a cheapening effect on the brand.

Final comments on this promo – the mechanism for redeeming is not clear & the colour of the bags do not really work well given the packaging and bottles on display.

Badly exhibited Chabot POS Promotional Bag

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