Promotional merchandise can be a very efficient way of advertising your brand.  ODM has commented on POS Displays (Point of Sales) at length.   This promotion by Tic Tac in Eastern Europe is specifically a Point of Purchase or POP display.

Indeed, why not display merchandise items branded with your logo and company colors in retail shops rather than systematically giving out promo gifts?

POS coin tray - promo merchandise by Tic Tac

Promotional merchandise and more particularly coin trays present many benefits :

  • real utility
  • high visibility
  • low production costs
  • attracts attention of all the shop’s customers
  • adaptable to any shop or counter layout
  • shows of your different products (see Tic Tac photo)

POP coin tray - promo merchandise by Tic Tac

Tic Tac recently brought out bright and flashy coin trays customized with their own colours, design and logo.  This marketing strategy matches their product perfectly. Tic tac products are generally sold near the shop exit so this is an excellent choice for the cash counter.

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