Fila gift with purchase promotion is turning heads for many reasons: cool brand ambassadors, sweet GWP deal, and a trendy backpack with custom logo.

Backpack with Custom Logo

Backpack with Custom Logo

Spend $2500 worth of Fila products to get a free Fila backpack. Customers will surely be encouraged to fulfill the conditions stated in the poster in order to get their hands on the free item. It is a custom canvass bag in beige and white color combination. Designed with customers in mind, this bag is perfect for outdoor use. And, true to their tagline “Power Style,” this backpack is also a great fashion statement that will go well with their fashionable and high-quality sneakers.

Backpack with Custom Logo

Backpack with Custom Logo

It comes with two large side pockets, convenient places to keep small items such as keys, wallets, phones, and music players.

What we like about this backpack with custom logo is its trendy design. Customers will no doubt consider buying the shoes or any Fila merchandise, no matter how expensive it is, if they could get another high-quality product for free.


Why a Backpack with Logo Is an Exceptional GWP Offer?

1. Answers to a Real Need

Whether we need it to accessorize or haul stuff like books and personal items, we need to have at least one bag to use every day. As such, this promotion by Fila provides a place in which they can keep their personal stuff.


2. Staying Power

Bags are going to stay for years until it outlived its usefulness. Therefore, it means the brand will gain more exposure every time the rucksack is being used. As such, Fila will be sure to gain more eyeballs the longer it is used by their customer.


3. Great Place to Advertise

Wearing Fila’s backpack will put the brand’s name front and center. As it is carried on the back, it positions Fila on eye-level with the people your customers meet. Therefore, bags, especially backpacks are an excellent way to get your brand out there.


4. Flexible

Fila backpack is designed for outdoor use. However, it can also be used for school and everyday life. So this is why backpacks are such an excellent marketing gift idea.

Flexibility is one of the key selling points of a backpack. Additional features can be added to give your promotional bag more functionality and to suit the lifestyle of your target market.


5. Increased ROI

Because customers will get a trendy custom branded bag, customers are stoked to purchase the shoes even more. This is because they know they are getting more than what they bargained for.

Custom promotional backpacks and tote bags never fail to wow customers. You cannot underestimate the power of bags with logo when it comes to encouraging impulse purchases.


Other Exceptional Marketing Strategies by Fila

Aside from the backpack, the cutout of the K-Pop Boy Group BTS. Everyone knows them as one of the most successful Korean acts to become famous around the world. This also adds to the overall appeal of Fila’s in-store display. The cutout of the boy group has certainly helped pull in customers.

Backpack with Custom Logo

Backpack with Custom Logo

We also noticed that the poster used to advertise their product has an English translation so this makes it easier for non-Chinese speakers to understand what the promotion is all about.


Bringing It All Together…

Bags- whether it is a backpack, a tote bag, or drawstring pouch- are excellent marketing tools. Because we always need something in which we can keep all our personal stuff, the practicality of the bags is unrivaled. In terms of marketing advantage, it offers a wide area in which you can print your logo, allowing you to reap unlimited advertising benefits at a fraction of the price of billboards or TV ads. So, considering all these factors, we can say that Fila’s promotional idea is a very effective one.


How Can We Help You?

If you are thinking of using a backpack with logo for promotions, then contact ODM. Our team specializes in designing, product sourcing, and manufacturing custom promotional merchandise. We have previous experience in creating high-quality promotional bags for different brands and industries, so get in touch with us today!

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