Global warming has been worsening at an alarmingly high rate, more and more brands have been cutting down on plastics and incorporating custom eco-friendly products into their product lineups as a way of showing love to our mother Earth. So should you! Sustainable promotional products that are made from bamboo are gaining popularity nowadays for their durability, aesthetics, and environmental impact.

Sustainable Promotional Products - Bamboo Cups

Sustainable Promotional Products – Bamboo Cups

The most important quality of bamboo is that it is environmentally-friendly and renewable with bamboo forests able to grow in years. Vietnam is among the leading suppliers of bamboo merch in the market with factories manufacturing a wide range of home products.

Why bamboo merchandise? Opting for environmentally-friendly options expands your consumer base as well as ensure high-quality branded goods. Not to mention, investing in green promotional merchandise improves your brand image in more ways than one. Continue reading to find out why bamboo is a material that makes exceptional sustainable promotional products.

Sustainable Promotional Products for Your Brand & The Planet

Studies have shown that out of all the building materials, the use of bamboo in construction is less hazardous in terms of waste. In addition, bamboo roots help control soil erosion by creating a water barrier. An interesting fact is that developing countries use bamboo for this purpose. The benefits of using custom bamboo products will win points with customers aware of environmental issues.

Bamboo Cutlery

Perfect for to-go orders, these pieces of cutlery are certainly an ingenious way to replace disposable pieces of cutlery. To ensure that the tools are kept clean during transport, you can also opt to use an eco-friendly packaging like paper, compostable packaging, and burlap to complete the look. Not only do they keep the pieces of cutlery clean, but they also look aesthetically pleasing.

Sustainable Promotional Products - Bamboo Cutlery Set

Bamboo Straws

Sustainable Promotional Products - Bamboo Straws

Bamboo straws make great alternatives for plastic straws by being 100% biodegradable in comparison to plastic as a material. These branded bamboo straws can be customised with designs, logos or texts either printed or engraved onto the body of the straws.

Sustainable Promotional Products - Bamboo Straws

With milk teas becoming a very popular food among the younger generation, it is important to impart to them the negative impact of plastic straws to the environment. Local coffee shops and restaurants should consider offering them to their customers as a freebie whenever they buy their drinks.

Another idea is to include a straw cleaner that comes with the reusable straw. The straw cleaner makes it an even more attractive promotional gift. Definitely, one that your customers will be using long-term! Boosting brand recognition, awareness, and encouraging brand loyalty.

Expand your customer base by showing your customers that as a brand you are taking responsibility in reducing your carbon footprint.

Bamboo Cups

Sustainable Promotional Products - Bamboo Cups

Another great and simple idea for an eco-friendly promotional product. Lots of creativity and space to incorporate your logo or brand name into these bamboo cups. A bamboo cup also serves as a very practical and cost-effective promotional item.

Using Bamboo to Produce High-Quality Products

Bamboo is a great alternative for wood. It is so fast-growing that it yields 20 times more timber than trees in the same area. Bamboo is also sturdier, more moisture resistant, and stable than oak wood. With these benefits in mind, it opens up room for more product opportunities using bamboo material.

Bamboo cutlery and kitchen product also make for a simple yet elegant promotional offers to your customers. Not only will this mean longer-lasting products for your customers, but also a higher perceived value of your brand. Bamboo makes superior homeware and promotional kitchen products due to its beauty, versatility, and durability.

Our Takeaways

Sustainable promotional products make great on-pack promotions to further promote your brand and product. Each of these bamboo promotional product ideas is both practical and of high quality that makes attractive promotional tools. Not to mention each of the products are easily customisable to fit your brand needs.

There are endless promotions you can incorporate bamboo material into. From promotional drinkware to board games and furniture, your options are endless! That’s not all… print of engraving your brand logo with the branding space available to increase brand recall and cause brand loyalty to skyrocket.

How can ODM Help?

Interested in any of the bamboo sustainable promotional products? Do not hesitate to contact us with a quote in each of the images.

If you are looking for eco-friendly products or custom retail packaging, our team at ODM is here to help! Our Mindsparkz team can help you in designing branded promotional merchandise for your business. We’d love to hear from you and assist you to get the best out of your marketing budget.

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