Green marketing products are fast becoming popular nowadays as plastic fall out of favor. With more and more companies embracing this trend, eco-friendly products will be in high demand in the coming years.

Companies are seeing the numerous advantages of sustainable materials such as bamboo, grass, and compostable paper. Last time, we talked about rice husk packaging and its many benefits for your business and the environment. This time, our spotlight is on “Rice Husk Cutlery”.

Green Marketing Products

Green Marketing Products


Why Rice Husk Cutlery?

Disposable cutlery is a huge part of the fast-food culture and eating out. Plastic straws and eating implements are also part of an ever-growing environmental problem. Aside from being nonbiodegradable, manufacturing them can have a huge carbon footprint. Below are the reasons people are loving rice husk cutlery.

Green Marketing Products

Green Marketing Products


100% Eco-Friendly: Made from industrial waste materials, rice husk is biodegradable, making it a green and healthy substitute to disposable plastic cutlery.

Fairly Durable and Reusable: Depending on temperature conditions and with proper maintenance, rice husk cutlery can last up to 3 years. This makes these pieces of cutlery ideal for parties, fast food chains, and restaurants.

Heat and Cold Resistant: Unlike plastic, pieces of cutlery made from rice husk will not melt under hot high temperatures. This means they are more durable than disposable plastic ones. They are even microwave-safe!

Great for Indoor and Outdoor Use: Ideal for picnics, travel, and work, people can now enjoy their food without the guilt that comes with using disposable cutlery.


Benefits of Green Marketing Products to Your Business

Positive Image: As a green marketing product, rice husk cutlery can have a positive impact on your business. More and more people are becoming eco-conscious in their buying decisions, so this is the best time to show them that you are a company that integrates environmental solutions into their business operations.

Lead by Example: There is so much talk about going green, but how do you walk the talk? Consumers will continue to be eco-conscious of their choices, and that puts the onus on companies to lead by example. Start small. Use eco-packaging. Offer reusable products. Source sustainable materials.

Green Marketing Products

Green Marketing Products

Better Corporate Social Responsibility: According to a study, more than 90% of consumers expect businesses to “operate responsibly” and 84% “seek out responsible products wherever possible”. What does this mean for your business? People value and support brands that operate ethically. Shoppers prefer brands that offer a solution to current social and environmental issues.

Inexpensive But Definitely Not Cheap: Rice husk is an inexpensive raw material, so the end product itself is very much affordable. They also look cute that they are ideal for children’s parties, fast food, and trade shows. They can even also be offered as FMCG marketing giveaways.

Green Marketing Products

Green Marketing Products


Our Key Takeaways…

Green Marketing Products such as rice husk dinnerware offer lots of advantages for both your company and the environment. It is a win-win situation for everyone. People will see your company in a more positive light while also offering a sustainable solution for our plastic waste problems.

As green marketing products, rice husk cutlery is a revolutionary idea. Not only do they help lessen agricultural waste, but they also provide cost-effective, safe, and environmentally friendly dinnerware options for people.


ODM Can Help You with Green Marketing Products

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