Branded eco-friendly products are gaining popularity nowadays as more and more people are becoming more aware of the negative impacts of plastic. We have recently featured bamboo-based promotional products such as bamboo coffee cups and bamboo straws with a brush. These products are fast becoming in demand due to their being sustainable and eco-friendly. Now, we have come up with an exceptional product that will go with bamboo straws: bamboo insulated drinking bottle with tea strainer and lid.

Branded Eco-Friendly Products

Branded Eco-Friendly Products

Branded Eco-Friendly Products – What Makes this Bamboo Tumbler Interesting?

Green marketing is fast becoming a trend in the corporate industry.  With so many people joining in on the conversation, it is really important for your business to stay relevant. To do so, you may start by offering green promotional merchandise such as this custom bamboo tumbler with tea strainer and lid.

Here’s what makes this product a sweet deal for customers and companies alike:


  • Sustainable Materials – What makes this bottle unique is that the body is made from bamboo. Bamboo is sustainable because it is fast-growing and does not require special care, fertilizer, or even pesticides. Unlike hardwood, it does not need to be replanted. So instead of your usual plastic tumblers, why not offer this bamboo drinking glass to your customers? Since bamboo is biodegradable, this reduces the amount of plastic wastes that go to our landfills and oceans.
Branded Eco-Friendly Products

Branded Eco-Friendly Products

  • Design Appeal – Simple and chic, this drinking bottle has a unique design appeal that easily captures attention. For better brand remembrance, marketing managers can engrave their logo onto the wooden body of the bottle. The inner part is glass to keep contents warm all day. On the other hand, the lid is designed to fit properly into the bottle to prevent spills.
Branded Eco-Friendly Products

Branded Eco-Friendly Products

  • Functionality – This bottle is insulated which means hot beverage will stay warm all throughout the day. It also comes with a tea strainer to filter loose leaves. Portable and useful, this product is ideal for traveling, outdoor activities, and office use.


Why Offer This Branded Eco-Friendly Product?

  • Brand Remembrance

Tea, coffee, and water companies may find this merchandise truly useful in promoting their brands. This product would be ideal for purchase with purchase promotions and redemption programs. Such reusable drinkware may also serve as an excellent coffee shop merchandise. Engraving your logo or brand name on the body and lid helps create finer brand remembrance. Eye-catching and intriguing, this promotional product will surely get people talking about your brand.


  • Creative Branding

This product allows marketing managers to be creative in their design and marketing approach. They can be marketed as a green corporate gift, retail merchandise, or a special customer incentive. Green corporate gifts are all the rage today and many people are joining in on the conversation about going green. Therefore, you should take advantage of this development and get creative with your brand identity as much as you want.

Branded Eco-Friendly Products

Branded Eco-Friendly Products

  • Positive Image

If you are looking for a way to improve our brand image, then a custom bamboo bottle with tea strainer may be what you need. You can use it to promote your advocacy or organization. Collaborate with beverage companies like coffee and tea brands to gain wider brand reach. With a branded eco-friendly gift at your arsenal, you will be able to position your company as one that cares for the environment.


  • Eco-Friendly

As bamboo is biodegradable and sustainable, this bamboo drink bottle is surely eco-friendly. With environment-friendly custom promotional merchandise customers will see your brand in a more positive light.


  • Spread Message

Encourage more people to help the environment by opting for reusable drinkware instead of drinking from plastic bottles and disposable cups. Using this bamboo drink bottle tackles two issues: plastic pollution problems and health issues due to dehydration. While this bottle is designed primarily for tea, customers can also use them for coffee and water as well.


If you are looking for a functional, customizable, and eco-friendly promotional products, then consider this bamboo drinking bottle with tea strainer and lid. Not only will they bring customers to your brand but they would also make great corporate gifts for beverage companies.

So, if you are interested in this product, contact The ODM Group today! We can help you design and source branded eco-friendly products for your business. Send us an inquiry and quote product code ODM-2588.

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