These days, people are slowly transitioning to a sustainable and environment-friendly lifestyle. They are getting into more tenable household products that will not add up to the environmental problems we are facing. This is why custom eco-friendly products are deemed popular in today’s market in particular. You are probably thinking of marketing materials that will suit the needs of your target audience. Worry no more; the ODM Group definitely got your back. Let us introduce to you these kitchen promo items that are 100% eco-friendly.


Wood Fiber Cutting Board: An Eco-Friendly Kitchenware

Kitchen Promo Items

Kitchen Promo Items

These chopping boards are made from wood fiber. This kind of material is extracted from trees and is used in high utility items such as paper. Wood fibers can be pressed into hard, flat panels that provide a less expensive alternative to wood or plywood.

Questions might be popping up in your mind right now. We in the ODM group knew this, and we have prepared a list of answers to your questions, make sure to read this blog ’til the end!


How Does It Compare to Real Wood?

Wood Fiber is an engineered product. Resins and fibers of organic materials such as hardwood and softwood are the components of it. Thus, it can match the density of real wood as it is made from planks glued together.

Is it Sturdy?

Definitely yes! A Wood Fiber chopping board is sturdy. As it is made from planks of organic materials, this product is strong and durable from wear and tear.


How Can I Advertise with Wood Fiber Chopping Boards?

Customize Them – Accordingly, Wood Fiber chopping boards are customizable. You can laser-engrave your logo on these chopping boards. Tags are alternatively ideal too in making these chopping boards custom according to your needs. You can have these tags contain your brand’s message and contact information. You can also select vinyl stickers if you’re planning to produce these as display or decorative pieces.

Functional and Experiential Appeal – Customers would love how functional these chopping boards are. Your brand may appeal to them by mentioning how sturdy and convenient these kitchen products are. You may also talk about your personal experiences regarding different kitchenware focusing on these chopping boards. Potential customers are easy to allure if you know how to relate your marketing strategy to their own struggles.

Value Innovation – This eco-friendly promo item is evidently innovative in nature. It has a juice groove to avoid any spillage of liquids and also features an ergonomic handle for convenient use. The non-slip silicone covers for the board’s edges prevent it from shifting and totally save the user’s time. You can also choose from different shapes and sizes that will suit your marketing campaign.

Kitchen Promo Items

Kitchen Promo Items

Kitchen Promo Items: What Are the Marketing Advantages?

  1. Increases Brand Awareness – As more potential customers see how beneficial your products are, they will find your brand intriguing. They will love the excellent quality your kitchen promo items offer. Consequently, this will gain acknowledgment from your target audience and will increase brand awareness.
  2. Reduces Environmental Pollution – We cannot afford to increase the piling environmental issues we are facing. Hence, choosing eco-friendly products will be beneficial for businesses and their customers.  It can increase the quality of life as these kinds of products ensure safeness accordingly. Besides, this campaign may also act as a giveback and expand environmental awareness to your community.
  3. Improves Brand Visibility – Visibility is certainly crucial for a business. In particular, introducing your brand with this kind of promotional item will improve your brand visibility. Hence, it will take your message to audiences and will represent your brand according to your vision.
  4. Direct Connection to Customers – By knowing how to relate your marketing material to your customers’ lives, it will undoubtedly form a direct connection between you and your target audience. You can observe and take note of what could be your next promotional item based on their responses to this campaign. Furthermore, it will also help you in building trust and gaining brand loyalty from them.
Kitchen Promo Items

Kitchen Promo Items

To make a tenacious impact on the market, we suggest these eco-friendly kitchen promo items. It will absolutely provide your audience built-to-last possession that they can recommend to their friends and family. You will surely be amazed at how effective and beneficial these items are!

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