Eco-Friendly Merchandise: How are Palm Leaf Plates Manufactured?

More and more businesses are investing in sustainable marketing strategies. There is a growing demand for eco-friendly merchandise as the trend starts to lean toward sustainability. Plastic straws and disposable cutlery and plates are among the leading contributors to waste pollution. As such, there is a need for the food and beverage sector to turn to more sustainable alternatives.

There are so many environmentally-friendly and sustainable materials that are available today. We have previously posted about wheat-based tableware and cutlery and we are amazed by the positive feedback we have received. Aside from wheat, compostable paper and bamboo are popular as well. But do you know that Palm Leaf plates exist?

Eco-Friendly Merchandise

Eco-Friendly Merchandise

Disposable plates are very common during parties and outdoor gatherings. While there are “Paper Plates” available in the market, paper that come into contact with food (food wastes or grease) are not completely recyclable.

However, palm leaf plates are 100% organic and compostable. Have you ever wondered how these plates are made? What makes them eco-friendly? What are the benefits?

How are Palm Leaf Plates Manufactured?

They are made from the sheaths of the Areca Palm tree, which is grown in temperate countries such as Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and Vietnam. For those who are not in the know, the Areca Palm Tree is grown for its betel nuts, which are traditionally chewed with tobacco.

So, to give you a rough guide on what goes behind the scenes, here are the steps in manufacturing palm leaf plates.

1. Collecting the Palm Leaves

Once considered agro-wastes, the fallen sheaths of the Areca Palm tree are collected and sorted. The “sheath” is the part that connects the stem and the leaf of the tree. So, unlike wood or bamboo, there is no need to cut the whole tree to harvest the raw materials, which makes it 100% sustainable.

2.Cleaning with Fresh Water

The collected sheaths are then washed in clean, fresh, water to remove bugs, fungi, and dirt. After thorough washing, they are air-dried.

Eco-Friendly Merchandise

Eco-Friendly Merchandise

3. Heat Pressing & Cutting

Are you wondering how the leaves get their unique shape? After all the sheaths have been dried, they are pressed under a heat press to give it shape.

4. Edge Trimming

After giving shaping the plates, the edges are trimmed to ensure that all the plates are the same size.

5. Cleaning and Sterilization

After all the pressing, cutting, and trimming, the palm leaf plates are cleaned once again to remove any clinging dirt.

The plates then undergo sterilization to prevent the growth of molds, fungi, and mildew.

7. Shrink Wrapping and Packaging

The plates are then shrink wrapped to prepare for shipping.

Eco-Friendly Merchandise: Benefits of Palm Leaf Plates

Disposable cutlery and plates along with plastic straws end up in our ocean. Every year, thousands of tons of plastic trash are washed ashore. One way to help the earth breathe is by minimizing the use of disposable tableware and eating implements. And palm leaf plates are one of the best substitutes for them.

These palm leaf plates are ideal for picnics, restaurants, personal use, parties, traveling, coffee shops, and restaurants. And here are the benefits!

Less Carbon Footprint

When manufacturing Palm leaf plates, only the fallen sheaths are collected so the tree is not cut to produce the raw materials. During the manufacture, the only machine you will need is the heat pressing machine and nothing more. Therefore the manufacture of this eco-friendly merchandise leaves a very little carbon footprint.

Safe to Use

Custom Eco-Friendly Products are not only cost-efficient and energy-efficient, but they are also safe to use. No chemicals are used in the manufacture of these biodegradable plates so they are guaranteed safe to use. They are non-toxic and plastic-free!

Positive Brand Image

Customers are more environmentally conscious now more than ever. As such, eco-friendly merchandise and packaging are a surefire way to impress customers whose values align with yours. With people becoming more aware of the devastating effects of plastic, the demand for green promotional merchandise will only increase.

More Durable than Paper

Paper plates are the go-to tableware for parties. However, not all paper plates are created equal. Some are less durable than others. In addition, paper that has been used for food (like greasy paper packaging and, yes paper plates!) cannot be recycled. These Palm leaf plates are surprisingly durable on top of being compostable.

Great for Takeaways and Food Delivery Services

Food delivery services are booming since restaurants and fast-food chains are operating with limited seating capacities. However, we have also noticed the excessive use of plastic packaging and styrofoam. Developing leaf-based packaging and dishware would certainly help reduce the volume of plastic trash that goes to our landfills.

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