What is compostable paper packaging?

Not all paper packaging is created equal. You can dispose compostable paper packaging products in a home or industrial composting environment and then have the micro-organisms remove all the packaging threats.

In addition, it is also known as green waste. When dispose in a landfill,  compostable paper packaging will compost and become a resource.

Besides, landfill space is an ever rising problem today. With compostable packaging, it can disappear within a few months when given the right conditions. Thus, this removes the long-term environmental threat and landfill requirement.

Go shopping away with these instead! Maximize brand exposure with these environmentally-friendly branded shopping bags

Compostable Paper Packaging Bag

Compostable Paper Packaging (Compostable Paper Bag)


Enjoy a warm bowl of soup on rainy day in these eco-friendly cup!

Compostable Paper Packaging Soup Bowl

Compostable Paper Packaging (Compostable Paper Soup Bowl)


Or sip your drinks in these branded cups!

Compostable Paper Packaging Cup

Compostable Paper Packaging (Compostable Paper Cup)

Benefits of Compostable Paper Packaging:

  • Recycle: Recycle 100% compostable paper packaging and remade them into new paper. This is unlike typical paper cup because it has an extra plastic layer that requires complex separation process.
  • Reuse: Paper bags taken care of can be continually reused.
  • Reduce: Reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill.

What does the use of compostable paper packaging mean for your business?

  • Enhance Brand Image: Have your business recognized as a socially responsible one.
  • Expand Customer Base: Going green will appeal to the growing consumers concerned with the impact consumption has on the environment.
  • Elevate Visibility: Differentiate yourself and rival companies by offering green packaging options!
  • Embrace the Trend: Keep pace with the latest packaging trends – sustainable packaging. Now is the best time to think about eco-friendly product and food packaging solutions.

Overall, using such eco-friendly  packaging for your promotional gift will certainly benefit your business and the environment as well.

The limitations of natural resources and implications of environmental damage have become ever evident.  As a result, many businesses are seeking for ways to strengthen their environmental awareness, reduce their impact, and promote eco-friendly processes.

Aside from compostable paper, you may also want to explore other green packaging options such as rice husk packaging, Bio PET Packaging, and Corn Starch Packaging

Here at ODM, we can help you in making a positive change for the environment. Contact us now for a ready list of credible China suppliers (certified ISO, SGS, BRC, FSC, etc.) to meet all your green packaging needs.

If you are interested in these products, send us an inquiry citing Product Code 2250 for Compostable Paper Bag; 2251 for Compostable Paper Soup Bowl and;  2252 for Compostable Paper Cups.


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