A big cereal drink lover? We got you covered! Mac Cereal is now offering a custom glass cup with every purchase of a cereal drink pack. With this on-pack promotional gift, mornings will certainly never be the same. Get your blood pumping and ready for work whilst enjoying a custom glass cup of cereal drink.


Custom Glass Cup An Impressive Promotional Gift

Custom Glass Cup An Impressive Promotional Gift

Why is Custom Glass Cup A Good Marketing Strategy?

  • Simple – Design plays an important role in the aesthetics of the product. With a straight forward design, it will be highly likable to the mass public. Moreover, the simplicity of design will be cost-effective for production. Hence, the promotional gift is visually appealing yet cheap to produce which makes it a great marketing tactic. 
  • Practicality – Everyone uses a glass cup for drinking purposes. This is in line with what the brand is selling to the public. Therefore, the realistic use of the custom logo glassware as on pack gift gives more reason for consumers to purchase the cereal pack.
  • Brand Awareness – The transparency of the glass cup emphasizes the cereal drink when it is consumed. This helps buyers associate the glass cup with the brand which, overall, boost brand recognition and awareness. It places Mac Cereal at a higher disposition against other players in the market. 

Overall, on-pack promotions that are aligned with the brand’s purpose will heighten the credibility and trust of customers towards the brand. And with ODM’s vast experience in the industry, the team believes that it is highly capable of manufacturing products that will exceed your expectations. So feel free to contact us now!

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