Recently, I came across this on-pack promotion in Singapore by Kellogg’s for their various cereals. If shoppers buy 2 boxes of cereal, shoppers can get a Line Friends licensed branded custom cereal bowl.

Custom Cereal Bowl

Custom Cereal Bowl

The FMCG Food industry is a highly saturated market. Hence, brands are constantly rolling out interesting in-store promotions to make their brand stand out. Kellogg’s is one of the biggest and well-established brands in the market and they always have amazing brand promotions.

The collaboration with Line for their on-pack cereal promotion indeed enticed many customers and definitely boost their overall sales.


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Here are a few reasons why their promotion is successful:

High Utility

Custom cereal bowls are very practical items and buyers will use them daily for breakfast or other times of the day.  Some shoppers are interested in the custom cereal bowl as they will use it often.


Interesting and Innovative Design

This bowl comes as a container to carry your cereal if you are having breakfast on the go or do not have the time to eat it at home. The container has 2 compartments, the bottom container to hold the milk and the upper container to hold the cereal. Then, when you want to eat it, you can simply pour the cereal in the bottom container, which can be used as a bowl. This innovative design will pique the interest of many shoppers.

Custom Cereal Bowl

Custom Cereal Bowl

Licensed Branded Merchandise

Kellogg’s collaborated with Line Friends for this promotion. Line Friends characters are really popular in Asia and they have a mass appeal to people of various age groups and gender. People love collecting their merchandise. Hence, having such licensed merchandise surely will tempt many shoppers and creates impulse buys. Some may even buy their cereal not to eat it but simply just to collect the free gift.


Fun Collectibles

There are 2 designs for shoppers to collect, Lovely Fashionista, Choco, and Hearty Friend, Brown, Having collectible gift with purchase is a great strategy to drive more sales as it will tap into the competitive nature of some shoppers. They would want to collect all custom cereal designs as they may be particular fans of the characters.


Limited Edition

The custom cereal bowl is limited edition and the promotion is only for a short while. This will urger shoppers to buy the cereal soon in order to not miss them out.


What we can learn from this promotion:

Having licensed characters for your on-pack gift with purchase will definitely draw the attention of many shoppers to your brand. Kelloggs is able to identify the interests of their customer base and roll out successful promotions like the Line Friends custom cereal bowl to drive more sales. They also offered unique, innovative, and practical products that customers will surely use often.


How ODM can help

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