What’s in a bag? Bags are among the most common promotional gifts marketing managers use to advertise their companies. Not only are they practical, but they can be custom-designed to reflect your company’s culture. One such good example is Colgate’s custom bag design. The brand is currently offering Japanese-style bags as on-pack gifts with the purchase of a box of two Colgate Optic White toothpaste.

Custom Bag Design

Custom Bag Design


Why this Custom Bag Design by Colgate Works

The bags come in two different styles: geometric lines and plain blue bag. Offered as an on-pack gift, this surely gives customers more bang for their buck! It is large enough for small items such as a purse, cellphone, and grooming kits. Most importantly, this is reusable, so it ensures top-of-mind awareness for Colgate.

Custom Bag Design

Custom Bag Design

These are Japanese-style bags resembling the traditional Furoshiki bag. Furoshiki is a type of Japanese wrapping cloth, which is used to wrap gifts, transport items, and carry bento.

Colgate’s custom printed bag gives off an authentic Japanese aesthetics. However, unlike the traditional Furoshiki bag, this one does not require users to tie the fabric. It has a zipper, which, the traditional ones do not have.

Custom Bag Design

Custom Bag Design

The bag is also carefully packaged in a custom branded packaging box with a window cut-out so that customers can see the on-pack offer straight away. Design-wise, this is a good idea because it piques the interest of customers. Shoppers are more likely to buy products that get their attention.

So, why should you offer a promotional bag and how can you distinguish your brand identity?


Custom Design Bag: How to Distinguish Your Brand Identity

  • Add Value – What is great about promotional bags is that, your recipients are likely to keep them for future use. And, even if they end up not using it, they are likely to give it to someone who they think might need it. So, why not level up your custom bag design to make them more appealing to your customers?


  • Make it Unique – In the above example, you will see that Colgate chose a design that customers will be curious about. So, for your custom bag, choose a style and design that not only stand out but also resonate with your brand and your target market. Novelty is an important element of design. It should be unique enough to push customers to want to obtain that free item.


  • Decide How to Showcase the Bags: It is always a good idea to display your promotional bag with the main selling product. Doing so encourages customers to buy the product straight away. It is also great to use custom promotional packaging for your on-pack products to attract more customers. A well-designed packaging will give the impression that your products are of premium quality.


  • Make it Green: With many companies hopping onto the “eco-friendly products” train, it is time to think about the way you promote your brand. Eco-friendly goods are popular today because they are safe for the environment and they also help improve the image of brands.


  • Always Focus on Your Customers’ Needs – Custom promotional bags rank high on the list of great promo gifts because they answer to a real need- a place to put all your personal stuff in. There are many styles of bags, so choose one that will give your customers the most value. Would a shopping bag help them with their everyday life? Would a fancy handbag be suitable for your customers? Is the style appropriate for your target age? These are the questions that you need to ask yourself when designing a promotional bag for your brand campaign.


To Sum Up…

Colgate surely made a smart decision promoting its products with a reusable Japanese-style bag. Eco-friendly, practical, and unique, the on-pack bags are sure to bring a smile to its customers. As the gifts are really cute, shoppers will be encouraged to make the purchase right away.


Where Does ODM Come In?

Do you need help with custom bag design? Let ODM help you out! Our team will walk you through the creative processes involved in designing promotional products. While most of our projects involve designing and sourcing high-end custom promotional merchandise, we can also help you with simple custom promotional giveaways, and POS displays.


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