Check out this promotional offer from Colgate in Zhuhai, China. Being a key player in the dental industry, the brand invests heavily in unique promotional products to promote their products. To promote their launch of a lemon and aloe vera flavored toothpaste, for every promotional pack purchased, customers can receive a Promotional Travel Cup. On-pack promotions are a great way of getting a customers’ attention and drawing in new customers.


Promotional Travel Cup Incentivises Colgate Customers

Promotional Travel Cup Incentivises Colgate Customers


We particularly like their brand packaging design. The on pack offer comes in a custom product packaging with a cut out window. Therefore the customers can see what’s inside and instantly be enticed to buy the product knowing that they are receiving a gift with purchase.


Promotional Travel Cup Incentivises Colgate Customers

Promotional Travel Cup Incentivises Colgate Customers

The handy lanyard on the bottle makes it easy for transportation and for attaching to a rucksack. This is a great promotional item to have on the go! We think that Colgate could have added their logo to this lanyard though, adding for further marketing potential. Customizable Lanyards certainly extend brand exposure so this seems a missed opportunity.



Promotional Travel Cup Incentivises Colgate Customers

Promotional Travel Cup Incentivises Colgate Customers


‘Natural Shine’ inscribed on the front with a yellow lemon or an aloe vera plant. This is a fantastic way to extend their branding beyond the shop floor. The fun and beautiful design, that is retailed at all ages is set to sell straight off the shop shelves.



This is not the first time we have seen Colgate offer their customers a promotional gift with purchase, other custom toiletry packaging gifts have included:

  • A promotional Bowl: this cute bowl makes for a great gift and makes customers think that they are getting something extra for their money.


  • A Promotional Cup: cheap but effective. We like the practical element to this gift as well. Customers can store their toothbrush and the toothpaste into this mug.


  • A Custom Plate: Marketing beyond the shop floor – this is a great way to extend the Colgate logo to the home


  • Even bringing it back to the early 2000s with this custom Tamagotchi! This particular gift with purchase was certainly a great way to get people talking and buying up their products to raise their own ‘toothpet’.


Clara from the ODM Group unboxes another one of Colgate’s offers, a Custom Ceramic Mug, on our office roof terrace in Zhuhai. Hear what she has to say:




Why we love this Promotional Travel Cup:

  • Eco-Friendly: Custom water bottles are the hot talk of the moment give the concern of disposable plastic bottles. Customers instinctively lean towards companies that they can see are making a difference in their promotion of conserving plastic usage.


  • Health Factor: Giving away water bottles is an effective reminder to stay hydrated. It instills the importance of drinking lots of water every day. Aside from water, customers can also fill it with iced tea or juice, a healthy alternative to energy drinks and soda. Consequently this is a great status to build as a hygiene / health company like Colgate.


  • Customizable: The bottles offer a lot of room for branding. Marketers can print their logo/brand name on the body and on the cup. Therefore this ensures higher brand exposure because it’s an item many people use every day. Branded water bottles can help bring your brand closer to your target market. Colgate have chosen not to put their logo on the cup, but instead the new flavors of toothpaste.


  • Enhance Customer Loyalty: A Complimentary Gift with Purchase certainly makes for a happy customer! Giving your customer something extra from time to time will show that you value their loyalty.


Could an Incentive Gift, such as this promotional travel cup, boost your business? Would offering a Gift enhance your customer loyalty? Here at the ODM we have an expert team of designers and manufactures that can produce products exactly to your desire. So get in contact with us today – we’d love to hear from you!



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