Spotted in NTUC Outlets in Singapore, Colgate is currently offering a gift with purchase promo to drive sales. With every purchase of a toothpaste, customer would get a free promotional mug.

Colgate On-Pack Promo

In partnership with the famous cartoon mascot Sponge Bob, the mug is in this case the perfect promotional gift for many reasons. What we love about this promo…

  • Conventionalmultipurpose item, can be used repeatedly and great inventory to the kitchen.
  • Attractive – there are a large number of children or Sponge Bob lovers who will buy this toothpaste due to this promotional gift
  • Branding – Colgate trademark is visible on the lower right of the cup, reminds consumers of your brand every day

Colgate whole range of promotional mugs…

Coming in 4 different designs, this collectible series would encourage repeated purchase just so customers could own the whole range. A very smart promo by Colgate.

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