NTUC and Soup Spoon Singapore collaborated to offer NTUC members a promo gift! First 50 NTUC members dining at The Soup Spoon will get to receive a complimentary thumbdrive. This promotion was spotted at Novena Square’s Velocity and it’s limited to one redemption per member. Simply look for Power 98’s Michael and flash your NTUC card and this thumbdrive would be yours!

NTUC x Soup Spoon offers membership promo gift!

NTUC x Soup Spoon offers membership promo gift!

The Soup Spoon is a Singapore based retail chain. It opened its first outlet at Raffles City in June 2002 and has since created a unique soup culture where soup can be enjoyed as a meal. There are currently 17 outlets and the company aims to continue making good soups without chemicals and artificial flavouring.

NTUC Fair Price is the largest supermarket chain, with more than 230 outlets in Singapore.

How can offering a promo gift in this collaboration help to increase sales?

Collaborating with other companies to carry out a marketing campaign is one of the best methods of advertising. As the saying goes, the more the merrier, this applies to advertising as well! When two or more brands come together and offer a promotion, consumers would definitely be interested to find out more. This would heavily boost their brand names and word about this collaboration would spread. It is a win-win situation for all parties involved and there has been an increasing trend over the years.

Both NTUC and Soup Spoon are renowned household names in Singapore. This collaboration would not only help to boost membership applications for NTUC but also aid in bringing in more customers and sales for Soup Spoon. Those who have heard of Soup Spoon but have yet to try it out would be interested to head down to Novena in order to receive the thumbdrive!

So what are you waiting for? Collaborate with other brands today to boost sales!

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