Colgate collaborates with Japan’s well-loved cartoon character, Hello Kitty, for a special promo gift for their customers and fans. Our team spots an eye-catching gift with purchase promotion in supermarkets across Zhuhai, China. Customers need to purchase two tubes of Colgate’s 360 toothpaste and he or she automatically takes home the mug promo.

Colgate GWP promo

How This Mug Promo Helps Both The Brand’s Marketing Campaign?

  • Brand Awareness – Since the mug is heavily branded, once a customer uses the item, they’ll not have a hard time remembering both Colgate and Hello Kitty. In most cases, customers get used to seeing the brand’s name which is beneficial to the campaign goals. If you would like to check a mug that easily promotes the brand, please check out the link below.
  • Exposure – Through this collaboration, each loyal customers of each brand will definitely check out this mug promo. This strategy draws crowds to the brand which helps in promotion. Also, the more people that check the brand, the better exposure for both brands. In conclusion, exposure is very important for a brand’s campaign because it hits the main goals of marketing.

Can Anyone Use This Marketing Giveaway?

  • Customizable –  Since it is highly customisable, this mug promo is perfect for any brand. Simple print your logo or brand and you’ve got yourself a winning marketing giveaway. But if you’re feeling a little creative and wants something different, you can also customise the size, shape, and design of the mug. Check out some creatively shaped mugs.

Overall, we love this collaboration between these two giant brands because both of them has an enormous fan and customer base hence, boosting their brands won’t be a problem.

If this custom coffee mug interests you, please feel free to contact our team.

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