Moccona, a brand of coffee by the Dutch corporation Douwe Egberts, is offering a custom coffee mug as an on pack promotion. Customers will get special offer upon purchase of Moccona Royal Gold coffee in Thailand.

Moccona is known for its high-quality dried coffee. Being a key player in the food industry, the brand invests heavily in unique promotional products to promote their products. Their recent custom coffee mug just proves that the team behind Moccona is paying attention to their promotional needs.

The on pack comes in a custom product packaging with a cut out window so customers can see what’s inside. The custom coffee mug is made of ceramics, and is nicely designed.

On Pack Promotion from Moccona - A Custom Coffee Mug

On Pack Promotion from Moccona – A Custom Coffee Mug


Why do we love the Custom Coffee Mug as an On pack promotion from Moccona?

  • Useful – Using personalised promotional & marketing gift items that complement the brand’s product is a good strategy. Since it is useful and practical, the brand gets tremendous exposure every time customers use it. Consequently, customers will purchase the product because of its useful promo gift.
  • Cost – Effective – Coffee mugs are one of the most widely used promo items because they are relatively cost effective in terms of production and materials. More complex designs and high-end features may require a larger marketing budget. If you’re looking for other good promotional gifts, check out this on pack whisky glass gift from Glenmorangie.
  • Customisable – Customising a promotional mug is fairly easy. In Moccona’s case, they’ve printed their logo on the side of the mug. Designing the mug with brand logo and colours is a good idea because it can promote instant brand recognition. So, if you need high quality designs or want to know more about manufacturing custom promotional items, feel free to contact ODM for more information.

This custom coffee mug gift set is probably one of Moccona’s best marketing campaigns to date. It’s cost effective, simple, and impactful. These promotional items can improve customer’s drinking experience while boosting your brand presence. When customers are satisfied, you can be sure that they will keep your brand in mind.

The competition is tough amongst retailers so it is important to work with people who understand how the promotional product industry works. Here in ODM, we can help you with your marketing campaigns since we are experts in designing and manufacturing high-quality marketing gifts. If you need assistance with your next project, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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