Carte Noire is a leading premium coffee brand in France. The name and logo symbolized luxury and privilege. Its black and gold packaging evokes quality. Its intense aroma and well-balanced taste allow it to stand out from the competitor. Carte Noire is giving away ceramic coffee set with every purchase for free.  This promotion was spotted at supermarkets in Russia. This is a set of coffee mug and plate that comes in a gift box. A very stylish on-pack giveaway promo gift indeed.

On Pack: Promo by Coffee Noire: Ceramic Coffee Set

On Pack: Promo by Coffee Noire: Ceramic Coffee Set

Boost brand awareness with on-pack promo

For those who can’t do without their coffee, presenting this ceramic coffee set is guaranteed to make them like your brand. There are so many different ways to use promotional ceramic coffee set as on pack promo. Logo imprinted coffee sets can be used in many different ways as well. You can fill the containers with coffee and creamer packets. And the best thing about using items like those is that you know that they will be used for many years and will continue to serve as a nice promotional item for your business.

This on-pack promo offers great room for advertising as well.  Choose the perfect style and color that will really make your logo shine. Promotional items really get people’s attention. One more advantage of this promotional product, they will be useful for your customers as well.

Click on the video for more information about ceramic production in China:

Some words in Russian for our local readers:

Кофейный набор с логотипом Вашей компании – это очень популярный сувенир, пользующийся большим спросом на рынке сувенирной продукции. Кружка с логотипом или слоганом может стать недорогим и полезным подарком Вашим сотрудникам, клиентам, партнерам и просто знакомым. Сувенирные керамические наборы с офисной символикой в офисе – это уже почти правило хорошего тона для любой компании, это недорогое, но важное решение для повышения статуса компании.

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How will this on-pack promo boost my brand awareness?

Because of it’s relevance to the actual target audience (Coffee drinkers), this promo is more than likely to entice coffee lovers to not only patronise your brand but also to refer to those around them. This way, word of your brand spreads further which eventually results in more purchases.

What is an on-pack promotion?

This is when the promotion is included in the packaging with the aim to entice buyers and encourage impulse purchases. It includes offers like a certain discount percentage or a free item included in the package.