It’s not everyday you find a unique and practical on pack gift with purchase in retail stores. That is why we were really excited when we found this on pack gift by La Oliveira’s. Attached on the body of the bottle is a spout cap.

On Pack Gift with Purchase

On Pack Gift with Purchase


This on-pack promotion idea is very clever in that the freebie is extremely useful and intriguing. It’s the perfect customer giveaway for condiments as this allows customers to use the product conveniently. Moreover, being made out of metal, cleaning the cap is easy.

Although taping the on pack gift with purchase is cost-effective and really easy to implement, we felt as if the brand could have chosen a better way of presenting their promotional product. Better visual merchandising equates to better brand visibility and performance in-store. How?


3 Ways to Maximize the Visibility of Your On Pack Gift With Purchase

How you present your products is as important as the products itself. Here are some ways to maximize your brand reach within hectic retail stores.

  • Consider Using Bottleneckers: Custom bottle neckers are a simple way to give your brand a boost. Bottle neckers are not only used to inform your customers about your ongoing promotions. You can use also use it to hang your promotional products on the neck of bottles. This way of merchandising and promoting products can help your brand stand out on shelves as they look more eye-catching than those bottle of condiments or wine without any decorative item attached to them. Here’s an example:

In this blog, you’ll see different creative ways to use a bottle neck tag for marketing drinks. You can use a keychain, ref magnet, and even golf balls as neckers.


  • Use a Customized Free Standing Display UnitFSDUs are an essential part of in-store merchandising. The versatility and flexibility to be positioned in high traffic areas will make your on pack gift with purchase accessible to the shoppers. In this case, Oliviera shares shelf space with other condiment brands. And while this may be a cost-effective marketing option, it may not help your brand to get the attention of your target customers.
On Pack Gift With Purchase

On Pack Gift With Purchase


  • Make It Interactive: Why not set up a free tasting booth so that customers can learn more about your product? Customer-brand engagement allows shoppers to form smart buying decisions. Since Oliviera is giving a cap with spout, it will be easier for customers to squeeze the dressing and taste it. Need more idea for interactive POS displays? below, is an example from Balvenie.


Our Key Takeaways…

No matter how good your products are or how attractive your on-pack offer, poor merchandising and execution will negatively affect your brand image. As such, it is important to plan out your packaging, merchandise display, and the type of custom branded merchandise you are offering.

To ensure a successful promotion, turn to a reliable and trusted company that can help you source, design, and manufacture effective and high quality promotional products for your company. Luckily, ODM is here to assist you. We have a wide range of promotional products to choose from. Whatever industry you are in, you can count on our team to provide top notch marketing gifts ad promotional product designs. Contact us today.

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