Dove has launched a tempting on-pack promotion of a free branded bath towel, by the purchase of personal well-care products. With more than 60 years of experience in beauty care products. This subsidiary owned by the leader Unilever knows how to get the attention of customers. For such a purpose, we know that promotional products conduct to significant advantages for a company. It is a very good way to increase their sales as it creates a real motivation in customers purchase decision.

Free branded bath towel offered by Dove

Free branded bath towel offered by Dove

This branded bath towel is an ideal promotional product to accompany the customer after his shower. It comes as a complement to his experience with the brand, and he gets this for free. The bath towel has been designed in accordance with the products for a better brand recognition and credibility.

The white and blue stripes perfectly fit and remind us of a sailor design. Customers will enjoy to dry off with this soft towel.

Why do we like this Branded Bath Towel?

  • Design appeal. Effective colors like in this very trendy design are a great idea to immediately catch customers attention. He will be delighted to use this towel at home, or also at the beach, which can be a good occasion to communicate the brand.
  • Enhances brand visibility. The brand is well exposed on the towel and this promotional product is a good way to keep customers close from this brand at anytime he will shower.
  • Boost sales. Not only for this reasons but also through the chance of attracting current and potential costumers will increase the sales and will permit your companies good image by providing a very practical promotional product.

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