Kinder Chocolate recently used this very original and eye-catching POS display for its advertising communication campaign. This company, operating in the chocolate industry and owned by the leader Ferrero, never stopped to be successful with children as well as parents. This success can be explained by a constant effort made to communicate in an original way with clients. Coming across this original POS display arouse curiosity and give want to enter in the brand’s world, as it conveys a powerful marketing message.

Unique POS Display by Kinder Chocolate

Unique POS Display by Kinder Chocolate

Customers will appreciate this very lively and creative POS display and it will consequently arouse imagination on them. The heart shaped pictures refers to great moments in family or with friends, sharing any of the large range of chocolates of the brand.

A large glass of spilled milk clearly appears on top of this POS display and it aims at promoting milk, a healthy beverage contained in all Kinder chocolates. This kind of impressive and colorful structure will permit not only to retain loyal, but also to gain potential costumers.

This POS display is settled on the Main lane in the supermarket, which increases the attention to this brand and makes sure that this original POS display will definitely be noticed. By passing this Instore Marketing solution children will definitely push their parents to buy some Kinder Chocolate. This will not only increases your brand awareness, but also your sales through and after your campaign.

Why do we like this Original POS Display?

  • Enhances brand visibility. The brand will gain a lot of attention by the costumers thanks to the big nice branding on this unique POS display. The more the brand is visible, better will be the brand recognition for the customers. This will not only affect your costumers during, but also after this marketing campaign.
  • Increases sales. We know that children are very sensitive to this kind of lively structures of which pictures has been designed in order to catch customers attention. It gives them want to try the product or to try it again and they will therefore ask their parents to buy it. This is how it will result in an increase in sales.

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