Currently here in Zhuhai’s Carrefour range of supermarkets we can see standing of crowd on pack free gift from Dove. They are encouraging customers to purchase their Men+Care cosmetics line with branded sponge.

On Pack Free Gift from Dove - Branded Sponge

On Pack Free Gift from Dove – Branded Sponge

This sponge looks unique and stylish. Sponges are good promotional product as can be branded and connected to definite Dove men+care production. This is a prime example of an effective and profitable marketing campaign.

Why we think this on pack free gift from Dove is good for  promotion?

  • Attract customers. By offering free gift Dove brand attracts customers attention and stimulates them to make unplanned purchase. Most people like to make profitable purchases even if they actually don’t really need this product at the moment.
  • Competitive advantage. In cosmetics market, where prices are very competitive, offering an on pack free gift helps to increase sales greatly. An on pack promo helps to market one’s brand and allows your company to have a competitive advantage over others. Many shoppers would purchase your product to receive the complimentary gift, preferring your brand over others, who are offering the same product at a similar price but without a promo.
  • Brand awareness. Usually promotional sponges provides a big branding area. This Dove men+care example is branded too, so every time even when a shower gel will be finished customer will continue to use branded sponge. Satisfied customers will continue to purchase your products in anticipation for future promotions and this helps to cultivate brand loyalty.

We are keen to offer you the best promotional product for your brand. Here at the ODM Group we have a huge design and manufacturing experience, so feel free to contact us today to get further assistance.

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