How often do we hear our parents tell us to be careful when in the alcohol section of a supermarket? Alcohol beverages are mainly kept in glass bottles. Thus, with many stores adopting a policy of ‘Once Broken Sold’,  the term ‘handle with care’ is common when dealing with Alcohol. However, what if there was a Custom Interactive Point-of-Sale display for alcohol? Here is how the Balvanie did it.

Custom Interactive Point-of-Sale Display

Custom Interactive Point-of-Sale Display

Overall Appearance

The Scottish Brand opted for a bucolic look to their alcohol retail POS display.

When trying to create a warm and rustic look, wood is commonly the go-to material. Not only is it durable, but it also provides a classy timeless look. In a sea of metal shelves, wood not only exuberates warmth but also stands out.

The use of a grey as a backdrop adds a touch of professionalism to the custom interactive point-of-sale display, but yet escapes the solemnity of black. At a glance, the custom interactive point-of-sale display looks soft and easy to look at. The trendy chalk-like design, on the bottles’ design, adds to the retro feel.


Custom Interactive Point-of-Sale Display

Custom Interactive Point-of-Sale Display

One good example of a wooden display is this bespoke bottle glorifier by the Glenlivet. The combination of wood and LED lighting lend a classy and expensive feel to the product:



Pros of Custom Interactive Point-of-Sale Display

As the bottles sit at a lower level than the actual platform, this custom POS display encourages customers to pick it up to better read the label. Studies have shown that touching a product increases the person’s feeling of ownership for that product. With a strong sense of perceived ownership, there is a strong influence on how much a customer is willing to pay for the product. Customers will be more willing to pay more of a product they had touched compared to products they had not touched.

This is common in the retail industry with companies such as Apple. It is not a coincidence that while walking in the Apple outlet, we feel the strong urge to fiddle around with their newest gadgets. With a combination of neat display rows and strong lighting, the Apple store was designed with consumer’s interaction and touch in mind.

Cons of Custom Interactive Point-of-Sale Display

  • Glass bottles are fragile. With so many people picking the bottles up and interacting with them it seems inevitable that one day someone will drop it.
  • The shattering of bottles at retail outlets will not only be an expensive accident but may also affect the reputation of the brand as being fragile.
  • The bottles are also not attached to the POS, thus display beverages could also be easily stolen. Not only will it be expensive to replace all stolen bottles, but empty POS displays will also leave customers pondering over the brand’s ability to market its products.

Solutions to these Cons could be the use of reinforced/tempered glass bottles or glass reinforced plastic bottles just for display. This reduces the odds of the bottles breaking upon dropping. An unconventional method would be to open a sitting area in the shop just for people to interact with the bottles. Not only does this reduce the chance of dropped bottles, but the scene of people sitting down to fiddle around with the bottle will attract other customers to check the interactive pos display out.

To prevent theft, a salesperson should be hired to watch over the bottles. The bottles can be fitted with chains to the POS. The bottles can also be tagged with sensors such that if it leaves its POS by 1m, a loud alarm would buzz off alerting staff.

Companies spend loads of money on POS display units, it is tough to stand out in such an expensive and saturated market. One way to stand out would be to make your store displays interactive for customers. There are many factors to consider, but when executed correctly brands can reap huge returns.


How Can ODM Assist You?

Looking for Point of Sale display units or Bottle Glorifiers for your products to boost sales? Fortunately, the ODM team can help you come up with inventive and unique POS display ideas. We have product designers who have vast experience in designing brand packaging designs and displays for your business. Contact our team today to learn about how we can help you grow your business through the use of effective promotional products!


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