There are many factors to consider when it comes to manufacturing sweaters in China. One important aspect of production that needs to get right the first time is the measurement. Different countries have different size standards. And in Asia, sizes are usually smaller as compared to Western countries. Thus, it is necessary to agree on a certain size chart with the factory or sweater manufacturer before starting production.

To give you an idea how promotional jumpers are measured when Manufacturing in China, below are labeled charts for reference.

Manufacturing Sweaters in China : Parts that Will be Checked and Measured

Manufacturing Sweaters in China

Manufacturing Sweaters in China

  • A – Full Length: This is the length of the sweater from the neck rib to the bottom rib.
  • B – Chest Width: Horizontal measurement starting from under one armpit to the other
  • C – Bottom Width: Horizontal measurement of the bottom part
  • D – Shoulder to Shoulder: Measurement from one shoulder to another
  • E – Neck Hole Width: Horizontal measurement of one neck seam to the other side.


Manufacturing Sweaters in China

Manufacturing Sweaters in China

  • F- Neck Drop (Back): The vertical measurement from the imaginary line down to the neck seam at the back. The imaginary line is measured from one shoulder neck point to the other shoulder neck point.
  • G – Neck Drop (Front): This is the vertical measurement from the imaginary line down to the neck seam at the center front.
  • H – Sleeve Length: Vertical measurement from shoulder point to the cuff.
  • I – Upper Sleeve Width: Measurement of the bicep
  • J – Bottom Sleeve Width: This is the horizontal measurement of the bottom part of the sleeves.
  • K – Arm Hole: The vertical measurement from the top arm hole seam down the bottom arm hole seam, under the arms
  • L – Height of Bottom Rib: Measurement of the bottom most part of the sweater. See point L.
  • M – Neck Rib Height: Point M is the vertical measurement of the neck rib from the tip to the seam.


Standard Sizes of Sweaters in China

The below table shows sweater parts with their corresponding sizes in centimeters. As you can see the sizes range from small up to 6XL.

A-Body length687072747678788080
B-Chest width545759616365676971
C-Bottom width4552.554565860626466
D-Shoulder to shoulder444648505254565860
E-Neck open192020212122222323
F-Front neck drop10111111.511.5121212.512.5
G-Back neck drop2.
H-Sleeve length656769717171727272
L-Bottom hem666666666
M-Neck hem222222222

It is important to get these sizes right to ensure that the products are suitable for the intended market. And even if the size chart is approved, it is necessary to check how your factory measures the sweaters. Communication is key to minimizing production errors. To ensure that your sweaters are done correctly, we conduct factory visits and stringent quality control inspections.

And if you like your sweaters a certain color, we can pantone-match them provided that the Minimum Order Quantity is 1000 or more. For smaller orders with MOQ 500, we offer a wide range of stock colors to choose from.


Promotional Sweaters

Sweaters are great for extending your business visibility beyond retail stores. They make great corporate gifts for clients and employees due to its practicality. As retail products, branded sweaters make an effective advertising tool. They serve as walking ads for brands.

The demand for such item increases as Christmas approaches, that is why they are ideal as Christmas promo gift. Mini sweaters are even used for marketing drinks as they add character to the bottles. Take for example, these mini sweaters for wine and liquor bottles. Sporting Christmas-themed sweaters, the drinks are practically inviting customers to purchase them.

Because Christmas means gatherings and overflowing food and drinks, the demand for wine and alcoholic beverage is higher than any other time of the year. This also means that competing brands are going all out with their promotions. So why not differentiate your brand with mini sweaters?


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How ODM Can Help Making Jumpers

So, if you are considering sourcing and manufacturing sweaters in China, contact The ODM Group. Our team of merchandisers and product designers are more than happy to assist you. If you have a specific design in mind, do send us an email to get started with your project!

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