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Smart Clothes for Millennials – Heating and Cooling Jackets

Climate change messes with the weather so much, doesn’t it? We get sunny days during winter or rainy days during summer. As a provider of products and services, you need to give this fact a consideration at some point to gain the consumers’ sympathy and loyalty. Thus, why not offer them smart clothes in the form of heating or cooling jackets?

The Heating Jacket

Smart Clothes - Heating Jacket

Smart Clothes – Heating Jacket

This product has attracted our attention at the trade show due to its absolutely unique and more than just useful functions, such as follows:

  1. Heating Pads: There is a hot pad in the upper back section of the customized jacket, and then a couple on the right and left sides of the chest. In a diverse design, they are on the top and lower parts of the back. Each of these heating sources gets juice from a rechargeable battery. So the users can charge it instantly even with a power bank. We believe it can be an absolute must-have for Northern countries, during camping, hiking, tracking and doing other sports activities in the places where climate is not so soft.
  2. Bluetooth earphones: In the event that you like to offer further convenience to your clients, you may throw the Bluetooth technology in the fray. This advancement permits the coat owner to answer calls, click the camera, and play music from your mobile phone. If they go beyond the 10-meter maximum distance, the system will release a warning sound about it. Hence, it can help them avoid losing their gadgets. The icons on the small rectangular plate of the jacket demonstrate heat levels and sounds/calling functions. 
    Smart Clothes - Heating Jacket

    Smart Clothes – Heating Jacket


  3. Double layer:  This heating jacket can consists of a fleece liner and an outer coat. The design appeal comes in the fact that stitches do not prevent people from putting them on separately. This only means that its owner can wear them depending on how freezing the weather is.
  4. Waterproof function: You are free to take your pick from the wide range of waterproof and windproof fabrics to create this particular jacket with. Such a feature is of importance since water typically comes with coldness, and consumers can protect themselves with it. The choices available for the materials, on the other hand, allows you to spend within your means without sacrificing quality.
Smart Clothes for Millennials - Heating/Cooling Jacket

Smart Clothes for Millennials – Heating/Cooling Jacket

ODM in collaboration with our in-house design team Mindsparkz have decide to go far beyond and offer you 2 very custom designs for heating jackets. Check out the sketches with 1st jacket option in more classic style and the 2nd is trendy bomber model.

Smart Clothes for Millennials - Heating/Cooling Jacket

Smart Clothes for Millennials – Heating/Cooling Jacket

The jackets are available in different colours, including Pantone matched, and can have printed or embroidered logos, offering the full specters of customization.

The Cooling Jacket

The cooling jacket is also known as the air-conditioning jacket. Before your mind even goes there, though, let me tell you that it does not have an actual AC in it.

Despite that, it does come with a two-speed portable fan whose diameter is approximately eight centimeters. The level of noise it produces cannot bother the wearer from his or her daily activities. They may even opt to go high or low with the whirring of the blades, in light of how hot it is that day.

Smart Clothes for Millennials - Heating/Cooling Jacket

Smart Clothes for Millennials – Heating/Cooling Jacket

When fully charged, the battery can endure six hours of continuous usage at a faster speed. In case it needs to stay on for longer than that, the person with this jacket can plug it in an electrical socket or a power bank. Finding the suitable charging cable for it is not hard because it has the generic micro USB port.

There are seven ultra-thin fabric colors on-hand for it. With the hood and the long sleeves, the item makes an ideal companion for the athletes and outdoor laborers who become overly exposed to sunlight. In addition to that, it has been enforced with an actual anti-UV system to shield them away from skin-damaging rays.

Gains from Smart Clothes

  • Sales. These are the must-have products, and many will be able to see that. The profits can potentially rise once you launch a campaign with the promotional jackets. Or, you may earn back the amount you have spent for their manufacturing with offering them as purchase with purchase!
  • Recognition. The fact that the designs are waiting for a patent at the time of writing this case study means that it is a result of innovation. The clothing can, therefore, help you build a respectable name in the industry and among your target group.
  • Customers. Since it has the perfect elements to turn into a hot commodity, people can appreciate these jackets even when you use it as a promo gift, GWP, or PWP. They can attract large crowds and amplify the sales better than you may have dreamt of.

Buyers, in general, admire options for this kind of merchandise. Showing these people different marketing gifts to choose from is essential if you wish to reach a larger demographic. The deciding factor on which of these smart clothes can increase the brand’s fame is the business location. In case you are selling in a tropical country, the cooling jacket outruns the one with heat pads. If it is mostly cold in the area, the heating jacket is the way to go. You may advertise with both, nonetheless, once you get the four seasons yearly.

Give your consumers a chance to suit up with these unique smart clothes. Talk to ODM now to learn the details on how to do that.

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