Fancy giving out customized cooling bag items for your next promotional campaign? They can come in handy, whether you’re advertising for a restaurant or a liquor brand. One size, luckily, doesn’t fit all, so it’ll be easy to personalize the ice bags according to your ideas.

customized cooling bag

Everything You Should Know About A Customized Cooling Bag

Above are trendy examples of the marketing products that can keep beverages cool. With their sizes, you may store wine, soft drinks, beer, or water in them. It’s great to see that the handles are quite long – your consumers can hang it on their arm like a purse.

Despite the beauty that a customized cooling bag shows, it won’t fail your brand when it comes to durability. The material is not a cheap plastic but a long-wearing PVC. A bottle may weigh a liter or so, yet it may not damage the matter.

The colorful liquid inside the honeycomb and clover leaf designs aren’t simply decorations either. It’s practically similar to the fluid that companies use when transporting goods that should be kept at low temperature. The customers only need to put the cooling bag in the refrigerator to activate them.

customized cooling bag

Everything You Should Know About A Customized Cooling Bag

Likewise, it doesn’t hurt to skip the design and make the customized cooling bag easy to fill with ice. That will let you expand the dimensions of your logo on its body. It accepts full-color printing as well; hence, even a photo of the products can stay there.

Perks of Creating a Customized Cooling Bag

  • Boosts Brand Awareness. Thanks to the PVC straps, the consumers don’t require another bag to carry their beverages. Others will get an eyeful of the product too when they walk around with the cooling bag swinging beside them.
  • Encourages Recycling. The merchandise with or without the built-in coolant can hold many things. Its raw material doesn’t easily tear; that’s why it may also contain shampoo, toys, garments, and much more.
  • Attracts Consumer Loyalty. People never says no to promotional products that have more than a single purpose. Since this durable plastic case is not only for drinks, they may always choose your brand now over the rest.

A customized cooling bag can simply be your new favorite marketing tool. Apart from being easy to construct, it can answer your branding needs.

When you want to start designing and manufacturing your own PVC bags, keep in touch with ODM. Cheers!

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