Cat lovers will surely rejoice with this interesting free with purchase promotion. Scalp D Beaute recently launched an interesting promotion that offers a cat merch – canvas tote bag – free with purchase. This promotion is spotted in Shibuya district shop Tokyu Hands which is located near a cat cafe in Harajuku district in Tokyo.

Scalp D Beaute is known for the company’s top of the line formulation for the products they offer. Aside from that, Scalp D Beaute also aims to encourage more and more customers by offering interesting promotions. Thus, they come up with a cat merchandise promotion that can be availed by purchasing their products.

Cat Merch- Free with Purchase

Why you should offer merchandise for free with purchase?

  • Customers love freebies

Do you ever wonder why product giveaways are almost always end up successful? Well, this is due to the fact that customers love to receive freebies or free items. It is still true even if they need to spend a little more to get the free item. For instance, if a customer is interested to try a product he haven’t tried before, he is still hesitant whether it is worth the price or not. But, if that product can be availed if he will purchase a product he already tried, it will be easier for him to avail it.

  • Offering a merchandise that is free with purchase is beneficial for the company

Offering freebies look like obvious money losers. However, if you done it right, it can guarantee to boost your company’s sales. Besides, offering free items from time to time can have a benefit for the company in the long run. So, when running a promotion, make sure that you give your best shot and collaborate with ODM to gain maximum advantages.

  • Earn the interest of the consumers by offering a free merchandise

Admit it or not, a cat merch is not a common promotion. Scalp D Beaute is one of the few companies who successfully run a campaign like this. With a proper strategy, you can make an unusual promotion into a successful one. In this case, would be great to have also dog merchandise tote bag as an option for dog lovers!

  • Takes little work by the customer to get valuable results

Offering freebies for the customers provide valuable results for both parties. What makes it even more interesting for customers is the fact that it will only take a little work from their part to gain the benefits. To guarantee that this kind of promotion will work, collaborating with an artist is advisable. Many artist likes to co-promote a product and merchandise, as long as the art’s license is properly attributed to the artist.

Cat Merch- Free with Purchase

Interested to offer merchandise for your customers? Contact ODM Group to know the latest promotion and advertising strategies that will work great for your brand and products.

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