Lucky customers in Ireland could get lucky with a free luxury gift with purchase from skin experts, Vichy.  In order to receive the promotional gift, one has to purchase any two products, one of which had to be a moisturizer from the Vichy range. The exclusive promo giveaway features a designer bag by French artist Sophia Griotto that also included various Vichy sample products. This marketing gift can be found at pharmacies in Ireland.

Gift with Purchase from Vichy

Gift with Purchase from Vichy

The beautiful velvet pouches come in 3 styles. The customer is allowed to choose their favourite style. The designer Sophie Griotto  is renowned for her use of vivid colours on modern depictions of the urban women. This empowering offering combines the dual promotion of a French brand and a French artist.

Vichy laboratoires are a French cosmetics and skin expert company that operates under L’Oreal. One distinguishing feature of their products is special spa water from hot springs found in the French city of Vichy is the only water used in its product formulas.

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Why a cosmetic bag makes a  great gift with purchase

The answer is simply because they are so effective as an incentive. Numerous cosmetic brands offer cosmetic bags as GWP because their clients are female. Every women desires a new bag and cosmetic bags are even often collected as each is unique in it’s own way. Vichy have taken their promotion even further by teaming up with a French artist to design  the 3 bags which increases the perceived value to the total offering. The gift with purchase promotion is used primarily as a marketing tool to drive sales but also to treat their customers to something a bit special.


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