A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away there was a huge promotional presence throughout the world, from plush toys to cutlery, Star Wars ruled all. Kinnerton, the UK branded chocolate company, have created a fantastic Star Wars merchandise idea, offering customers the chance to get their hands on a limited edition Star Wars drinks bottle with the purchase of any milk chocolate egg.

Star Wars merchandise idea

Star Wars merchandise idea

Kinnerton have quite the history in chocolate making. Starting in 1978 with a small office and a second hand car, Andrew Sellers and Clive Beecham, had the idea of making chocolates depicting the nation’s favourite children TV characters. This defining motion lead to them becoming pioneers in not just children targeted chocolate but one of the first producers of safe “nut free” chocolate.

“We take so much care to make all our chocolate, because we know that parents want to get the balance right between knowing that the chocolate is safe, tasty, and that their kids are going to really enjoy their treat” – Kinnerton.

Star Wars merchandise idea

Star Wars merchandise idea

What we like about this Star Wars Merchandise Idea:

  • Everyone knows the film Star Wars or have at least heard of the name. With such a world renowned brand, marketing products with even a little association to the infamous title can lead to great success with both children and adults.
  • With it being aimed at children, the use of bright colours on the free gifts make it very attractive and attention grabbing, standing out with the other children’s chocolate eggs.
  • With children being very active and spending the majority of their time outside of the house, for example going to school, A drinks bottle is the perfect Star Wars merchandising idea. This is because it will undoubtedly, travel with them and be presented to their friends as a proud collectible that they received with their chocolate egg.

Here at ODM we have many merchandise ideas for you and your company to use. With a fantastic team of designers, sales personnel and merchandisers we can create thousands of ways for you and your company to grow in the hope of becoming the next Star Wars of your market.

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