Star Wars Merchandise Idea: Kinnerton’s Free Water Bottle

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, there was a huge promotional presence throughout the world, from plush toys to cutlery, Star Wars ruled it all. And every year, a special day is celebrated by Star Wars fans from all over the world to pay tribute to George Lucas’s Star Wars films. With that, brands are coming up with a variety of Star Wars merchandise to leverage the popularity of this film franchise.

Star Wars Day

Star Wars Day


Promotional merchandising involves employing promotional products to help companies and other franchises advertise their products and services. Each custom promotional product used in this advertising strategy is imprinted with information related to the company or event. Moreover, they can target a particular group of audiences with this advertising campaign while providing recipients with a remarkable and functional item. Let’s unveil the beauty of this Star Wars x Kinnerton Free Water Bottle merchandise idea through this blog!


The Merchandise:

Kinnerton, a UK branded chocolate company, has created a fantastic Star Wars merchandise idea, offering customers the chance to get their hands on a limited edition Star Wars drinks bottle with the purchase of any milk chocolate egg.

Comes with a bespoke custom packaging design, this merchandise idea definitely stands out from the shelves. Any Star Wars fan can be lured out by this branded promotional merchandise. Moreover, this on-pack giveaway idea includes a snack pot too that can provide a more delightful snacking experience for its target audiences.


Star Wars merchandise idea

Star Wars Merchandise Idea


The Company Behind this Brilliant Idea:

Kinnerton Confectionery has quite a history in chocolate making. Started with a small office and a second-hand car, founders Andrew Sellers and Clive Beecham had the idea of creating chocolates depicting children’s favorite TV characters back in 1978. This defining motion led them to become pioneers in not just promotional chocolate products for kids but also one of the first producers of safe “nut-free” chocolate.

Today, the chocolate company has its “nut-safe” promise to its consumers and takes pride in being one of the major suppliers of children’s character confectionery. Kinnerton knows that parents want to get the balance right, so they take so much care of all their chocolate products. Furthermore, the company ensures that their promotional products will be tasty enough to let kids enjoy their treat.


Star Wars merchandise idea

Star Wars Merchandise Idea


Why Do We Love This Star Wars Merchandise Idea:

  • Everyone knows the film Star Wars or has at least heard of the name. With such a world-renowned brand, marketing products with even a little association to the infamous title can greatly succeed with both children and adults.
  • With it being aimed at children, bright colors on the gifts make it very attractive and attention-grabbing, standing out with the other children’s chocolate eggs.
  • With children being very active and spending most of their time outside of the house, for example, going to school, a drink bottle is the perfect Star Wars merchandising idea. It will undoubtedly, travel with them and be presented to their friends as a proud collectible that they received with their chocolate egg.


Where Does ODM Come In?

Here at ODM, we are committed to custom-branded merchandise for businesses. We understand the importance of offering unique and excellent gifts for clients. Whatever your industry may be, we can get your message across as effectively as possible through promotional gifts and merchandise goods that represent your company.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Star Wars Day All About?

Star Wars Day is an informal commemorative day observed annually on May 4 to celebrate George Lucas's Star Wars media franchise.

Is It An Official Holiday?

Guess what? It is fully fan-inspired. While Star Wars Day is a tribute to the movies made by George Lucas, Lucasfilm had nothing to do with the holiday’s creation or its ongoing observance.

Why It Is Celebrated Every May 4th?

The date was chosen because of the phrase May the Force be with you, which leaned itself to the pun May the fourth be with you.

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