Promotional Licensed Merchandise: Star Wars Secret to Successful Marketing

May the 4th be with you! This is a special day where fans from all over the world pay tribute to George Lucas’s Star Wars films. The popularity of the movie spans decades and continents. With that said, businesses also leverage the popularity of this event by selling limited-edition promotional licensed merchandise. This is a great way to pull in more customers and keep the interest of fans burning.

Star Wars Day

Star Wars Day

The Star Wars movie is one of the most successful movie franchises to date. The success of the film can be observed in the promotional licensed merchandise that companies roll out over the years.

Here are some of our favorites.

Star Wars Promotional Licensed Merchandise Over the Years


Disney rolled out their massive marketing budget to create this awesome marketing stint in Asia in 2015. One of the promotional gimmicks that caught our attention is these limited-edition figurines of Stormtroopers.

Since these are limited-edition products, their value will only increase over time.

Promotional Licensed Mercandise

Promotional Licensed Merchandise

Figurines are an excellent way to market a movie franchise. There are characters that people can relate to, and having a replica of their favorite character is such a great way to bring them closer to the movie. This is also why we simply love collecting them. When used as a marketing gift, they serve as a tangible reminder of the movie and the fun experience they had watching it.

In this blog, you will see how successful the franchise in creating an exclusive Star Wars area at Tee Mall. Aside from the collectibles, there were human size standees and a sneak peek at the movie.

In 2016, Star Wars partnered with Kinnerton, a UK branded chocolate company for an awesome on-pack giveaway idea. Kids will get a custom drink tumbler with the purchase of Kinnerton chocolate egg.

Kinnerton is a confectionery company that produces novelty chocolates for kids. Their products are being sold in Australia, the US, Europe, the UK, and Japan. What makes this partnership successful is the fact that both brands appeal to the younger market.

Promotional Licensed Merchandise

As a company whose primary market is kids, this team-up was indeed a brilliant strategy. This was a win-win for both companies. Kinnerton has a strong following since they have been in the confectionery industry since the ’70s while Star Wars is a huge part of pop culture.

In addition, the use of an on-pack gift strategy has made the promotional item even more special to the customers. Getting a cool freebie from their favorite chocolate and movie is reason enough to splurge.

Promotional Licensed Merchandise

Flashdrives make for a good promotional licensed merchandise item. And this was proven true by Mimobot, a company that produces pop culture tech acessories. Who would not love these cute Stormtrooper USB?

In an age where accessibility is very important, these custom flash drives serve as excellent marketing gifts for students and office workers alike. With this small but powerful gift, customers can have their favorite music, movies, and important documents at their fingertips.

Moreover, the surface of the flash drive serves as a blank canvas on which brands can print their logo. This is what Star Wars got right! We are so used to seeing metallic case USBs, but they can also be customized to create collectible memorabilia for marketing movies.

For this campaign, customers will receive a free 4GB Star Wars Mimobot with the purchase of 2 Mimobot USB. We find this very interesting as this only goes to show that tech accessories need not be boring.

In 2015, Star Wars took Asia by storm once again. The release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens also signaled a surge in the interest for promotional licensed merchandise. Case in point, this promotional campaign at Kallang Wave Mall in Singapore.

The establishment offered an entrance ticket to ComicCon 2016 (a gathering of Comics fans all over the world) a custom promotional tumbler with Stormtrooper design, and an exclusive BB-8 droid printed umbrella. The said campaign ran from November 5 until December 31. Just in time for Christmas, this definitely made for a great Christmas gift to fans.

Star Wars Firefly Light Up Saber Toothbrush

Star Wars collaborated with Firefly in 2019 to give their fans this awesome lightsaber toothbrush. The toothbrush lights up when used, a nod to the popular lightsaber. The promotional licensed merchandise is a great way to promote the importance of oral hygiene.

As kids can be difficult to train when it comes to brushing their teeth, this lightsaber toothbrush is a fun way to engage them.

What’s for 2021?

Star Wars and Lego have always worked together to create awesome building block toys for their young fans. The partnership continues with the release of their newest toy sets such as Lego R2-D2 robot, the Millenium Falcon Spaceship, and sets of “The Mandalorian,” Darth Vader helmet, Imperial Shuttle, Baby Yoda, and many more.

Star Wars Promotional Licensed Merchandise


According to the Lego website, they are offering limited-edition merchandise from May 1 to May 5 only. Customers will get a Free Exclusive LEGO® Tatooine™ Homestead Micro Build with purchases of $85 or more. This is the famous homestead of Luke Skywalker’s family.

Star Wars Promotional Licensed Merchandise 2

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Anyone who spends $40 or more will get a free Imperial Shuttle.

Star Wars Promotional Licensed Merchandise

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On the other hand, VIP members will get double points for purchases made from May 1st to 5th.

With the popularity of Star Wars, it is safe to say that their promotional licensed merchandise is always well-received. Fans are always quick to hop onto the bandwagon because such branded products are mostly available in limited quantities. Being limited-edition, they push customers to act now before the time runs out.

Another good thing about promotional licensed products is that they provide immense help to the brand they collaborating with. As in the case of Firefly and Star Wars, the collaboration is more than just logo slapping. As a leading maker of oral care solutions for kids, transforming their toothbrushes into lightsabers is just ingenious! They might be two worlds apart, but they managed to find a common thread that will keep them relevant in the eyes of their target consumers.

Often, the value of exclusive licensed merchandise such as figurines and water globes increases over time. Since Star Wars is a huge part of popular culture, it is absolutely necessary for collectors to get their hands on the latest products being released in the market.

Where Does ODM Come In?

Here at ODM, we are committed to custom-branded merchandise for businesses. We understand the importance of offering unique and excellent gifts for clients. Whatever your industry may be, we can get your message across as effectively as possible through promotional gifts and merchandise goods that represent your company.

As a product sourcing company, we have headquarters in one of the largest manufacturing hubs in the world, China. We work closely with our suppliers and awesome designers in Vietnam. If you want to know more about how we can help your company stay on top with promotional products, then, contact our team today.

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