Consumers nowadays are constantly searching for innovative tools and products that can help them in their tasks. You are probably in the hunt for innovative merchandise that will expand your brand’s visibility and awareness. Why not try this innovative promotional merchandise we have found? This phone screen magnifier can indeed grow your brand more than you can imagine!

Innovative Promotional Merchandise

Innovative Promotional Merchandise

Benefits of Innovative Phone Screen Magnifier

  • Your goal is to offer a tool that will make a task easier for your customers. You would also like to entice more potential buyers with your innovative promotional merchandise. Listed below are the benefits you can proactively tell the onlookers and shoppers in marketing your brand.


  • High Definition Optical Technology – It adopts a high-definition optical technology to enlarge the screen of a phone or a book’s page 4 to 6 times. This innovative promotional merchandise can display clear and dynamic media that will suit your customer’s needs.


  • 12 Inch Screen – Comes with the HD optical technology is the 12 inch screen display, providing clearer pictures and videos for easy and long-distance viewing, which can protect your eyes.


  • Wide Compatibility – This phone screen magnifier is compatible and suitable for all types of smartphones. Moreover, it is perfect too for any book dimension for our bookworms out there.


  • Environment-Friendly – An exemplary sample of sustainable promotional products made of environmentally friendly materials (TPU + Wood) and very safe to use.


  • Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor Activities – Planning to have a trip soon? Or booking your weekend to stay-in your bedroom and make the most of your rest day? Worry not as this phone screen magnifier can be a perfect buddy in any indoor or outdoor activities.
Innovative Promotional Merchandise

Innovative Promotional Merchandise


This Innovative Promotional Merchandise is an Ideal…

Promotional Book Accesory – Books are magical bestfriends for all ages. Who would not love purchasing a book that comes with custom magnifier accesory? A creative promotional merchandise that is very handy and convenient to use.

Movie Promotional Item – A phone screen magnifier will make take your Netflix and Chill to the next level. No more eye-squinting moments and hand pain!


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