With this giant custom printed umbrella stand, your brand is sure to stand out against the gray concretes!

Firstly, it stands tall. This means visibility for your brand from afar.

Secondly, it allows the brand to be imprinted 360 degree. This means visibility for your brand from all angles.

Thirdly, it offers both shade and shelter.  Again, this means visibility for your brand in all weather circumstances.

Custom Printed Umbrella

Custom Printed Umbrella

Why we love this custom printed umbrella?

  • Very Visible: Colorful and big, umbrella stand offers a large printing field for your brand logo and marketing messages.
  • Long Use Life: The average promotional umbrella can last for years if it is well-made. That means your marketing or promotional message can stay in the market for long period of time.
  • Highly Useful: Not only does it offer shade and shelter to the users, this functions also extend to passers-by caught up in the merciless sun or rain!

How to effectively promote brand with this custom printed umbrella stand?

  • Branding: As mentioned above, umbrella stand offers a large printing field for logo and marketing messages. Explore the best printing methods for your product. For instance, since the umbrella is made from nylon, you can choose heat transfer or sublimation. This method certainly allow you to enhance your brand visuals with colorful prints!
  • Customize: Customize the design and color of the umbrella to make it uniquely yours. Enhance the umbrella appeal to draw more attention to the umbrella and hence your brand on it.
  • Be Creative: Spin off some creative ideas that you may have. Have your umbrella shine at night with promotional LED signs and lights.

All in all, promotional umbrella stand is certainly effective in boosting your brand awareness. Apart from promotional umbrella stand, feel free to contact us for custom promotional products and custom POS display as well.

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