Bored of traditional branded products? Want something fresh for your new marketing campaign? Check out this creative promotional fan umbrella, a unique idea that we love from recent Canton Fair.

Creative Promotional Fan Umbrella - Trendy Custom Product

Creative Promotional Fan Umbrella – Trendy Custom Product

At first sight, this custom promotional merchandise looks like a normal umbrella you can buy anywhere on the streets. Yet, the moment you open the umbrella, you will be greeted with shading and light breeze. Undoubtedly, customers will definitely fall in love with this amazing hybrid.

To make it easier for you to understand the product, we have included a short clip here to show how the promotional fan umbrella works.


Impressive Features of the Promotional Fan Umbrella:

  • Creative – the merchandise is a hybrid between fan and umbrella. With the additional fan, this product surely stands out from common branded umbrellas.
  • Practical – this is a very practical design that ensure the main use of an umbrella – provides shading – is enhanced. When you use the product, you will have the added benefit of a fan, which cools down the heat.

Benefits of using Promotional Fan Umbrella in your campaign:

  • Suitable for all – whether you are a high end luxurious brand or a local business, you can definitely have this product as a promo gift (of course with minor changes in the graphic design and materials). Since everyone needs an umbrella at some points (especially in the summer), we are certain that your customers, no matter what industry your business is in, would love to have this product.
  • Brand visibility – a promotional umbrella is a very attractive item that can immediately grab attention. Since people tend to use this product very frequently, the users will be more aware of the brand. At the same time, passengers walking past the open umbrella are also very likely to notice the brand.
Creative Promotional Fan Umbrella - Trendy Custom Product

Creative Promotional Fan Umbrella – Trendy Custom Product

Promotional fan umbrella is a trendy merchandise that you should consider having in your upcoming marketing plans. If you are thinking about a marketing campaign for your business and would love some help, feel free to contact us.

We, the ODM Group, has been offering marketing services like custom merchandise production, ideas brainstorming, creative design, and so on for 15 years. With our expertise from over 8,000 study cases and our amazing team, many companies has successfully launched their campaigns after working with ODM.

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