Impress your loyal and new customers with these custom giveaways. Be in the spotlight with these custom promotional bag and free umbrella. A customer receives the custom promotional merchandise for free upon purchase of any Aramis UK products. They can either choose between the free umbrella or the weekender bag.

Aramis UK is a known fragrance brand under the Estée Lauder empire. Therefore, this assures consumers that the brand sells quality products. This also means that they provide the best custom promotional giveaways for business.

The Aramis Umbrella Giveaway

Their promotional umbrella is a traditional-looking, non-folding umbrella that has a long shaft. Its classic look emits an elegant and sophisticated feel. It doesn’t look cheap; the design makes it very classy. This is very appropriate for Aramis’ customers because of its professional look. Overall, any working professional may take this umbrella in any business or formal environments.

Brand Promotion: Custom Giveaways by Aramis UK

Brand Promotion: Custom Giveaways by Aramis UK

The Durable Weekender Bag

This promotional weekender bag from Aramis is the perfect travel buddy. This trusty bag has a large compartment, an exterior lining to protect your things, and a shoulder strap for a more comfortable feel. Aside from these great features, Aramis also did not disappoint us with the design aesthetics. Like the umbrella, the bag brings a sense of class to its user. Its minimalistic look complements every professional who carries the bag.

Brand Promotion: Custom Giveaways by Aramis UK

Brand Promotion: Custom Giveaways by Aramis UK

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Why is it important to have custom giveaways?

By offering a free item that is useful to the customers, your brand promotes itself everytime the customer uses the promotional product. And if the customer uses this regularly, it reinforces brand recognition among old and new customers. Quality promo giveaways also associate your brand with something really good and positive. As a result, your brand leaves a good impression on your customers.

Brand Promotion: Custom Giveaways by Aramis UK

Brand Promotion: Custom Giveaways by Aramis UK

How can this campaign be improved?

Since the promotional products of Aramis are of high quality, it’s best to showcase these items through beautiful POS display units. This adds value to the brand’s retail merchandise and promotional products.

For inspiration, check out this well-designed POS display from Clarins:

Overall, this promotional campaign from Aramis not only appeals to their regular consumers. In fact, it taps to a wider range of consumers.

Finally, if these products interest you, please contact ODM anytime. Our friendly staff are always available to answer your queries.

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