Gift with Purchase: Umbrella Promotion by Aramis

Aramis is currently offering a posh umbrella as a gift with purchase when you buy any $65 Aramis fragrance from Macys. Aramis is a subsidiary of Estee Lauder Cosmetics that specializes in producing fragrances and grooming products for men.

Gift with Purchase: Umbrella

Gift with Purchase: Umbrella

The gift being offered is an umbrella in brown and gold. It is branded with the Aramis logo, making it look expensive and classic. Do not miss out on such an exclusive offer! Head down to Macys to get yourself this exclusive gift with purchase now!

Gift with Purchase: Umbrella

Gift with Purchase: Umbrella

Why offer umbrellas as a gift with purchase?

Umbrellas are excellent products to offer as marketing gifts! Firstly it is because they are very useful and can be used by your customers regardless of the weather! Whether the sun is shining or if rain is falling outside, customers will surely appreciate your thoughtful gift.

Secondly, umbrellas have a large surface area that is good for branding. This provides you with an amazing opportunity to promote your company, brand and products through your gift.

Use gift with purchase to enhance brand awareness!

This gift can be customized to suit your branding requirements. Aramis has chosen the brown and gold color scheme as it matches their brand. You can do the same and choose color schemes that match your company or logo color. At the same time, information such as slogans, company name and contact information can be printed onto the umbrella.

Branded umbrellas are highly cost effective and are an exceptional way of drawing more attention towards your business. It helps to increase brand awareness when your customers use the umbrellas in public. Those who cross paths with the users will learn more about the company and may even become interested in your brand. This definitely is a plus point because it will help to generate more sales for your company in the long run.

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